Escapades Will Be Escalated In Strange Brigade With Its Season Pass

Strange Brigade

There will be a season pass for Strange Brigade that you can pick up and it will bring more than the general free updates that Strange Brigade will be receiving

If you have yet to pre-order your copy of Strange Brigade, it looks like you may have made the right decision. Not because the game does not deserve to be pre-ordered or looked at, but because it looks like Rebellion was holding out on the next great bundle and details on what will be coming in the game's Season Pass of content. Not to mention the pretty killer collector's edition of Strange Brigade that comes with all kinds of other goodies, but now we have the Digital Deluxe with a look at just what is to come after the launch of the game on August 28th. Only so much more time to get those pre-orders in for your PS4, Xbox One, and/or PC…

Anyways, it looks like Strange Brigade will be getting some general and FREE updates post-launch, but the real winner here is the Season Pass that will include a new three-part mini-campaign for us to explore, new weapons, and new heroes to play. That and the usual new character outfits to wear and a few different power-ups and abilities to use in the game. All of that and access to all future content that will be released for Strange Brigade. Therefore, it kind of sounds like this is only the tip of it all and there could be more post-launch than just the FREE stuff all players will get no matter how they picked up the game. I am going to guess more heroes, skins, and weapons will be the filler there.

Strange Brigade — Post-Launch Panache!

Indeed, escapades will escalate with the introduction of free monthly content — stay tuned for more details! And the stupendous Strange Brigade Season Pass will introduce lashings of brand new excitement, all at a great-value price!

The Season Pass includes:

  • An intriguing new three-part mini-campaign, with amazing spectacles and incredible feats!
  • Brave new heroes from across the globe, complete with their own inimitable abilities!
  • Brand new wonderful weapons, outrageous outfits, amazing amulet powers and more!
  • And yes, that’s right, all future Strange Brigade content!

Players can pre-order the Strange Brigade Deluxe Edition now, featuring the game and season pass in a great value-for-money bundle. All Strange Brigade pre-orders include the Secret Service Weapons Pack FREE, which includes the Wilkers & White P19 pistol, Stoudenmire 960 submachine gun, and the Gehrig-Delgane S1 rifle.

Will you be picking up Strange Brigade with the Season Pass or will you be just going with the free updates and miss out? Do you think that we will see many more heroes and maps in the future or will it all be basic cosmetic updates after the Season Pass finishes? Are you just glad to see what will be coming with your pre-order already or did this make you finally pull the trigger on picking the game up now? Let us all know what you are thinking in the comments and then discuss as usual. As we learn more for Strange Brigade, or have more to show, we will update the site for you. Just be sure to keep checking back in for all of those updates in the meantime.