Green Hell Will Be Your Early Home In August

Green Hell

The Early Access date for Green Hell is now set and we all will be able to enter into and live in this Green Hell in August now

If you thought that you were going to have to wait to get in on playing Green Hell until 2019 or something, then get ready to have your excitement and happy buttons pressed. It has just been announced that Creepy Jar will be bringing the game to Early Access on the PC here in August. When in August? Well, August 29th we will be able to call Green Hell our homes and try to survive in the wilds of the Amazon and deal with all kinds of real-world issues we would have if we were just dropped off out there and left to survive. At least here we will only get to see if we could and not actually have to go through all of that real agony.

It is worth noting again that this will be an Early Access and will only have the basics of Green Hell when it lands. We will only be able to explore half of the final map and have to fend off against five of the enemies in the full game. It does sound like we will be seeing the whole body inspection aspect of the game so we can see if we are infected or have to deal with parasites in our game. We will also have a nice little tease of Green Hell's story mode in this Early Access. I am sure that it will only be the most basic of slices for that part as it does seem that the full story for the game will be another huge selling point for the game.

Green Hell — Early Access

Venture into the deepest and darkest corners of the Amazon in Creepy Jar’s Green Hell. No one is coming for you. It’s up to you and you alone to survive. Coming soon to Steam Early Access!

Upon the Early Access release, players will be able to dive into a full one half of the final map, encounter five dangerous and hostile creatures, and learn how to inspect their bodies for all kinds of wounds, infections, and parasitic nasties. Not only that, they can get a sneak peek into the Story Mode with a fully voiced over tutorial introduction.

Beginning its journey with a huge amount of content, Green Hell players can also look forward to updates containing new tribal enemies, cool new death animations, a water update introducing diving and fishing, and even more languages beyond the initial offerings of English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. Stay tuned for more updates on Green Hell’s development roadmap!

Are you ready to dive into Green Hell here with the Early Access or are you going to hold off until the full release? Do you think that we will be seeing the full version of the "body inspection" gameplay or will it also be a taste of things to come? How deadly do you think that the five enemies we will be seeing will be or will they too be the basic ones with updates to come? Let us all know what you are thinking down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. As we learn more for Green Hell, you will learn more. At least if you stick close to the site here. We will have all of those updates for you.