See The Wrath Of Darksiders III In Full-Blown Action


New gameplay for Darksiders III is here to show us another boss fight that we will have to take on when Wrath comes calling in Darksiders III

There is still a bit of time before Darksiders III hits us on November 27th which means there is still a lot of time to have a look at more of the bosses that Gunfire Games has put together for us. We have seen Sloth so far in the past from THQ Nordic, and now we have a look at Wrath in the game and we can mark off one more of the sins we will see in action. I do hope that we do not get them all spoiled for us before Darksiders III finally hits the PS4, Xbox One, and PC, but it is new gameplay to look at as well as some of the first of the voice work we will get to hear in the game. That means we cannot knock it too much and if you are looking for a true non-spoiler lead up to the game, then you can skip on down the road for now.

For those who want to see more for Darksiders III, then take your gaze down below where we get to see the boss fight for Wrath in the game as Fury take it all on. It would seem that they would be allies given the names and the ideas they should be sharing. It is a game about killing the physical embodiment of the Seven Sins though, so it makes sense that they would be at odd. Have a look below and see the gameplay in action and just how the fight could play out in the final version of the game. At least if you try to play Darksiders III as they do in this bit of gameplay here.

Darksiders III — See The Wrath Boss Fight

First month of coverage with Darksiders III continues! In this new look at the Fury-ous action-adventure game from Gunfire Games, we debut Wrath, one of the sin-themed bosses from Darksiders III.

I am hoping that this is not a true showing of this Darksiders III boss as it does not feel like a true boss fight when all is said and done. It could be just the first part of a larger fight, but it feels more like a harder basic enemy based on what we have seen before. I am going to go with that given how the bosses have been in the past and how Sloth played out, but this could be it. If it is, it does look like some parts of Darksiders III will be easier than others. I am hoping it is just a taste for the final form though and will hold out hope for that in the end. I guess we will see here in a short time.

What are your thoughts on this new Darksiders III footage that we have to look at today? Do you think this is the full fight or just the first form for it to build up to something greater? Do you think it was played as a very basic fight to just give us more without spoiling anything or was it just given to the wrong hands to show off? Let us all know what you are thinking down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on Darksiders III, keep checking in here. We will keep all of those fun updates coming at you so you will not miss a single thing.