Welcome To West Virginia Again For Fallout 76

Fallout 76

A new cut of the Fallout 76 gameplay reveal from E3 is here and it gives us another look at the West Virginia of Fallout 76 and its creatures

It is time to get excited and then let down a bit here for Fallout 76 as we do have a new trailer to look at for the game. It is a look at the West Virginia that Bethesda is putting together in the wastes of the franchise and how we will be interacting in it. Not too shabby. The letdown comes in now for those few out there who were under a rock when they showed us this version of the lands in Fallout 76 during their E3 media event. I say this as it is the same video but at least in a format that lets us take a better look at things. I guess that is at least a good thing for us all waiting for the November 14th release date.

That all said, it is a good look at the world of Fallout 76 and the high attention to detail that the team is taking in recreating it all. It also gives us a closer look at the map and all of the new and interesting creatures we will be facing in the wastes of West Virginia. I know I am interested in seeing all of these folklore creatures in a closer and better way. They all look like they could be bother terrifying and a true challenge in the full game. At least as it all looks here. Have a look for yourself and relive all of the fun of the big event that was a few weeks ago now.

Fallout 76 — Welcome To West Virginia Gameplay

All-new graphics, lighting and landscape technology brings to life six distinct West Virginia regions. Watch Welcome to West Virginia, featured during the Bethesda E3 Showcase, to get a look at the newest location in Fallout 76.

From the forests of Appalachia to the noxious crimson expanses of the Cranberry Bog, each region offers its own risks and rewards. Post-nuclear America has never looked so beautiful!

How are you feeling about Fallout 76 here and the world that is being created for the franchise? Do you think that Bethesda will be able to nail the feel of West Virginia or will it be a backdrop that many just gloss over as they try to survive the world and players? What other weird creatures are you hoping to see pop up in the game and do you think that they will add a true challenge? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on Fallout 76, be sure to keep checking back in here. We will keep all of the updates coming at you and hopefully, we will have more here in short order.