Guns At The Ready For A Co-Op Paranormal Punch With The Strange Brigade

Strange Brigade

See the co-op gameplay in action for Strange Brigade as well as some of the paranormal powers you will be able to wield in Strange Brigade

If you wanted to see more co-op gameplay for Strange Brigade, then you are in luck as that is exactly what we have for you here today. Rebellion could have gone with just another tease before E3 for the game and thus left a lot of gamers wanting to know more. They did not and we are all the better for it and can get further hyped up for Strange Brigade to hit us all on August 28th for our PS4, Xbox One, and PC. That and now we can get our three other friends ready for it all so we can all join in and do what we need to do for fun and profit.

If you were looking for some of the finer details for Strange Brigade though, you are going to have to wait just a bit longer as this is not the gameplay you were looking for. It does show off all of the characters doing what they do best and some great puzzle gameplay mixed in with the shooting, but nothing too specific on what else is going on. We have hordes of Mummies coming at us and we need to end their pursuit, but why we are there and how some of the paranormal powers are actually used in the game are kind of glossed over. Not that you would care for that right?

Strange Brigade — Co-Op Gameplay

From the creators of Sniper Elite 4 and Zombie Army Trilogy comes a rip-roaring 1930s adventure for 1-4 players filled with pulse-pounding action, treacherous traps, and tales of derring-do…

Embark on an exotic safari into DANGER where few dare go and fewer return! Encounter FANTASTIC and forgotten civilizations shrouded in MYSTERY! Uncover TREACHEROUS tombs and unfathomable EVIL, never-before-seen by any human now living…

Thankfully, we will be seeing more for Strange Brigade out of E3 next week so this is more of a teaser for what is to come than anything else. That is at least of Rebellion wants to keep all of us interested in the game and looking toward its launch. I could also be asking for more than we need and Strange Brigade could just be a Co-Op shooter with extra abilities like other games have done in the past. I know I have done this before and I will most likely keep doing it moving forward. Only time will tell. As well as E3, I guess.

Has this sparked any new ideas in you for Strange Brigade or do you need to see more for the game to actually get the full opinion? Do you think that it will be just a straightforward kind of game that will keep us shooting and springing traps or will there be something bigger going on in the background? Am I looking for more than the game is going to offer or do you feel as I do? Let us all know those answers and more down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on Strange Brigade, be sure to keep checking in here. We will keep all of those updates coming and you will be glad you did not miss a thing.