Fallout 76 Is The Next Major Installment To The Fallout Line Now

Fallout 76

After twenty-four hours of Fallout teasing, Fallout 76 has been announced and we have another little teaser to go with it

The teasing is over and now the extra teasing continues as Fallout 76 has been announced after having an all-day tease from Bethesda yesterday. If there was not enough speculation and pondering going on during said stream, we now have even more as we have a name, a little glimpse of the Vault 76, and not much more to go on for the game. Well, outside of the fact that Fallout 76 is hitting the PS4, Xbox One, and PC at some point. We will most likely hear about that at the big E3 event that the publisher is holding during the week. You have to love teases, right?

While there may not be in way of actual details for Fallout 76, the following trailer does show the specific vault and how luxurious and pristine it still looks after all of the end of the world events. Fans will also be able to note that Vault 76 has been mentioned slightly in the past titles as a "control vault" and that it was supposed to be out in Virginia somewhere. That may or may not be the case here now that we have Fallout 76 coming at us and the specific use of the song in the trailer. Although, it could place it back in West Virginia. Have a look and you will understand what I am speaking about.

Fallout 76 — Official Teaser Trailer

Watch the official teaser trailer for Fallout 76 from award-winning creators Bethesda Game Studios.

Have you been properly teased here for Fallout 76 or would you have rather been surprised during the BE3 event in just over a week? Do you think that this confirms that we will be Virginia or West Virginia for this next installment or is that just a poor presumption based on a trailer song? Would you have preferred to see something else come of all of this teasing or is this what you truly wanted? Let us all know down in the comments what you are thinking and then feel free to discuss. When we know more for Fallout 76, you will know more about the game. That is if you stick close to the site and keep checking back in.