Vampyr Has A Whole Lot Of New Blood Flowing Gameplay To Take In


In a recent developer stream for Vampyr, we had a whole lot of new gameplay to take in so we can better understand what is going on in Vampyr

We are now a week away from Vampyr hitting our PS4, Xbox One, or PC and to help that time slip on by, it looks like we have more gameplay to gaze upon for the game. Of course, if you were able to catch the livestream that DontNod brought us from before then you will have already experienced what we will have coming at us here in short order. Given that there may have been many that missed it and want to see more for Vampyr, it is a good thing that it was archived and ready for us to take in now. Even if it was not directly through Focus Home Interactive or any of the game specific locations. No complaints though as it is still here for everyone else out there.

Obviously, this gameplay holds some spoilers for the core Vampyr story and game. It takes place about six hours into the game so it will be nothing apparent from the jump, but it needs to be noted. Also, it sounds like the guys showing off the game took great care to talk over or obscure the true spoiler portions of Vampyr here as it truly looks to be how the 66 different citizens of the game overlap in story and connect. Given that they all affect the story and world in some way, it makes sense that nothing could be truly spoiled here as of yet. Too bad that all of the random hunters and "mooks" in Vampyr are not intertwined as well. Maybe we will see some side videos about that in the future…

Vampyr — 50 Minutes Of New Gameplay

This gameplay, taken from around six hours into the story, shows off several of the deep systems that make up Vampyr’s citizen and district ecosystems. Players are free to kill (or spare) any and all of London’s citizens, using their blood to evolve deadly new powers. Protagonist Jonathan Reid is also a doctor, and can therefore choose to heal these same inhabitants by conducting examinations and crafting specific medicines. Curing illnesses improves the quality of life for each citizen and the district as a whole — but for players that only care about growing stronger, it also means their blood offers a larger, tastier boost in power!

Are you fully ready for Vampyr to come to your home or do you still need some more time to get ready for that? Do you think you will try to go through the whole game without a single kill or will you make sure that no one lives in your city when you play? What will be the true drawback that will come from killing everyone without batting an eye? Let us know what you are thinking about down in the comments and then feel free to discuss it until June 5th. Or afterward, as that is just the release date for the game. For more on Vampyr though, be sure to keep checking on the site as we will do what we can to bring it all to you.