See How Different Each Island May Be In Your Jurassic World Evolution

Jurassic World

New gameplay for Jurassic World Evolution has been shown to give us all a feel for what kind of environmental issues we will face for our Jurassic World

Even more gameplay for Jurassic World Evolution is here again and it is another nice twenty-minute block of gameplay showing off another of the islands we will need to work on. This one being the Isla Muerta and it also happens to be one of the islands that has harsher weather patterns by default and will cause us to need to react accordingly. It seems like an island we would not want to build our Jurassic World park on but Frontier Developments needed to give us some kind of challenge when it launches on June 12th for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. I mean, it would not be much fun if all we did was make buildings and release dinosaurs into the park for people to enjoy.

Have a look at the new gameplay just below and see what I am talking about here for Jurassic World Evolution. I hope you are not let down by any of it here.

Jurassic World Evolution — 20 Minutes Of Isla Muerta Gameplay

Here's your first look at Isla Muerta in action. Muerta = dead, which is what you'll be after watching this fantastic gameplay.

I do have to say that I find it weird that on top of the weather and other conditions in Jurassic World Evolution we also have to worry about our own teams sabotaging the park because we do not spend as much time with them. I can understand someone in a division doing it once, as they did in the original story, but then having it all locked down after that one incident. From this new gameplay and descriptions from before, it looks like it will happen way more than that and for some petty reasons. Why was there not some other organization mixed in here that could be doing this instead of unhappy workers? Maybe that will be part of it when the full game hits us, but until then it just feels odd to me.

Are you ready to tackle this new island in Jurassic World Evolution with all of its horrors or will you stick to the other ones to do what you want to do? Do you think it could be a viable way to make money in the game to just make dinosaur fight clubs for people to watch? How do you feel about the divisions causing the issues in the game and not some outside force? Let us have all of those answers and more down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on Jurassic World Evolution, though, be sure to keep checking back in here as we will keep scrounging up all we can and upsetting all of those who ignore us.