Xbox & PlayStation Gamers Should Get Ready To Go Through The Woods

Through The Woods

The dates for the console version of Through The Woods has been set and it looks like gamers will get Through The Woods sooner than thought

Before you say, “Through The Woods has been out for a while,” take a step back and realize that it has been out since 2016 on the PC but had yet to cross into the console market. We get it. Hopefully, you get it. Antagonist Games gets it too as this is why they are bringing it to the PS4 and Xbox One. There are all kinds of gamers out there and may who would like to enjoy Through The Woods but do not have the ability to run it on a nice PC. That is why you can now look for the game to hit the Xbox One on May 2nd and then the PS4 on May 8th. Those are now the dates for it to land so get ready to join in the fun console gamers.

All of that said, for those not in the know for Through The Woods, it is a third-person horror adventure that takes us into some weird areas of Norse mythology. There sure does seem to be a lot of that going around here lately. Anyways, we take on the role of a mother who is re-telling the story of her son’s disappearance and everything she had to go through to get to the conclusion of the story. No spoilers here. You can see Through The Woods in action a bit down below but it definitely looks to be inspired by titles like Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. So take that in as you will before you pass any kind of final judgment. Or watch other play it online and see if it is your jam. That is one of the bonuses of waiting for it to come to consoles sometimes.

Through The Woods — Xbox One and PS4 Launch

After PC Through The Woods is finally coming to consoles! You can experience one of the most anticipated horror games of the year on PS4 and Xbox One!

Through The Woods is a third-person Norse horror adventure set in a forest on the western shore of Norway about a mother and her missing son. Through reactive narration, you play the mother’s re-telling of the events surrounding her son’s disappearance in a setting heavily inspired by Norse mythology and Norwegian folk tales.

Are you glad to see Through The Woods finally coming to consoles or would it have been better to stay as a PC only title? Do you think it will handle and play out the same way on the consoles or will the difference between platforms harm/help the title in the long run? Do you too find it odd that we are seeing a lot more of the Norse mythology in games as of late or is it just another fad that will cycle through? Let us all know down in the comments and then discuss. For more updates on games like Through The Woods, be sure to keep coming back here as we will do what we can to keep the updates coming. Hopefully, you are not let down.