Take A Stroll Through & Survive An Android Graveyard In Detroit: Become Human


A new bit of gameplay for Detroit: Become Human is here and this one shows us a darker side of Detroit: Become Human as well as some new elements

By now I hope you are getting everything that you can out of the Detroit: Become Human demo that is out there. It may be a section that Quantic Dream has shown us time and time again, but it does offer up a great look at what the game has for us on the PS4. If for some reason you have made it through the demo multiple times and are looking for something new that you have yet to experience for Detroit: Become Human, then you came to the right place as we have a bit more gameplay for the game here and it takes us down a dark path for Markus. I am not talking just lighting here; although that is done insanely well in this short clip we have to look at too.

At some point, most likely that start of his story, Markus is left for dead in what is known as the Android Graveyard. More or less, it is a junk yard where discarded androids are place in Detroit. While it may not seem too interesting to see that the character needs to pull himself back together from whatever has happened in the game, we do get a look at a few other things that the team has in the game for us. All to help immersion at that as the video and audio of Detroit: Become Human will mirror what would be going on for the character in-game. It may not sound like much, but it does a lot more than you think for this aspect of things.

In the below video, you will see that Markus is not only physically damaged, but some of his input devices are missing or hindered. This is represented in the game for us as the weird muffled and "off" audio we would experience when one of our own ears was damaged, missing, or just hindered in some way. It is interesting to see the extra level of immersion going into Detroit: Become Human here as it could be seen as something that hinders the storytelling in general as the audience cannot clearly hear what is going on. Usually you want the dialog to be fully heard and understood, but this seems like the best option to go to truly give us a feeling of what the character is dealing with.

Detroit: Become Human — Android Grave

Writer/director David Cage walks you through this creepy and tense gameplay scene in an android mass grave.

What say you on all of this for Detroit: Become Human though? Do you think it adds the right extra level of immersion into the game or if it persists onward would it become more of a distraction than a bonus? Will this be the only time we have to go through it in the game or will things like this keep popping up as we progress deeper and deeper? Let us know what you think down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more Detroit: Become Human news though, be sure to keep checking in here. We will keep it all coming for you and you will not want to miss out.