Let Us Marvel At All Of The Tech That Is Bringing Us Detroit: Become Human


A new behind-the-scenes video for Detroit: Become Human is here to show a bit more on the technology that was created to bring us Detroit: Become Human

If you could not tell by the headline here, this is going to be a behind-the-scenes heavy update for Detroit: Become Human as we are diving further into all of the technology that will be bringing us the game on May 25th and less of what we will actually be getting to experience. It is a tradeoff we have to do every now and then and this time we are looking more at the hard work Quantic Dream has put in here than actual gameplay. You have been informed thusly and can choose to stick around for a bit on Detroit: Become Human, or move right along. It is up to you from now on in.

Anyways, here we have a new look at the game engine that has been built for Detroit: Become Human as well as the techniques being used to capture the performances of the actors involved. We have seen how great they will all look so far, but here we have a look at the new game engine created for this game so we can see it all in native 4K when all is said and done. It seems like a bit of a waste to create a new engine for each new game, but that is how they choose to roll over there and it looks to be working so far. Especially when capturing all of the little nuances the performers carry into everything.

Detroit: Become Human — The Tech That Built The Game

Quantic Dream explains the custom technology underneath Detroit: Become Human, including the tools that enable it to run in native 4K on PS4 Pro.

It is a bit interesting to see all of this and think that they had issues with the depth of field in Detroit: Become Human the first go at it all. What we have so far for the game has looked spectacular and it is hard to imagine that it was anywhere that would not have looked decent from the start. They have nailed it so far in each of their other games, but not out the gate here for Detroit. Maybe this is an issue with crafting a new engine each time as you scrap what you had perfected already. Maybe not though…

What do you think about all of this for Detroit: Become Human? Does it shock you to know that the first build had a relatively horrible design for its depth of field or was that just growing pain with a new engine? Do you think this method of performance capturing will stay their way or will they adopt some of the other options recent titles have crafted for the world to enjoy? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For all things Detroit: Become Human, be sure to keep coming back here to keep as up to date as possible.