Good Luck And Try Not To Die In Underworld Ascendant

Underworld Ascendant

The first teaser of gameplay for Underworld Ascendant is here and gives a small look at where Underworld Ascendant has progressed to at this point

The first gameplay for Underworld Ascendant has been released out there just recently and all to give us a feel for what OtherSide Games has been working on since the successful Kickstarter campaign from so long ago. About three years ago if memory serves, but nonetheless, we have some gameplay and a look at what we should be expecting from this team. More so, since 505 Games is set to officially publish it all this year on the PC. I know I am just glad to finally get to see some of Underworld Ascendant in action and see how this title has been shaping up. You know, being a title that is going to take us down to the Stygian Abyss to survive this interactive dungeon of sorts.

As you can see in the video below, in Underworld Ascendant we will have a lot of different gameplay mechanics to work with. It looks like we will have some good old parkour action to traverse gaps, some magic to create bridges to get across to locations, elements from Thief to keep hidden or just solve puzzles, and many other things. It is hard to truly tell and as this is all we have to go on for now, some of this is just a best guess kind of thing. Have a look for yourself and see what I am talking about. Hopefully we will have something better to go on soon-ish.

— Teaser Trailer

Discover The Stygian Abyss! Underworld Ascendant’s newly released trailer gives fans a deeper look into the game’s deadly environment, featuring panoramic shots of dungeon-esque surroundings and bubbling magma — not to mention varying weapons and skill sets players will have at their disposal to cleverly best-lurking creatures and overcome physics-based traps. Featuring in-game character, enigmatic advisor Cabirus (Stephen Russell — Thief) and the voice of roguish ally Aelita (Fryda Wolff — XCOM 2, Fallout 4) — it shows off unique gameplay in the highly interactive dungeon, The Stygian Abyss. Coming to Steam 2018.

What do you think about Underworld Ascendant as it all stands right now? Were you hoping for a lot more given the time we have had since it was funded or is this where you think it should be for now? How many other mechanics do you think will be added to the final version of the game and will it truly keep all the freedom we can see so far? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on Underworld Ascendant as it comes, just keep coming back to the site here and keep an extra eye out. We will do what we can to keep these updates coming right at you.