Star Wars Battlefront II Brings On The Ewoks In A New Gameplay Mode

Star Wars

The Ewoks are coming to Star Wars Battlefront II as a new playable race so you can further relive some scenes from Star Wars’ past

Another race of characters are coming to Star Wars Battlefront II and also bringing a new gameplay mode along with them. At least for a limited time, but we will ignore that for now as DICE is bringing us all the Ewoks to the game and with them a new mode called Ewok Hunt. All of which will be hitting Star Wars Battlefront II on April 18th for the low price of free. Well at least if you already own the core game on the PC, PS4, or Xbox One before or during the time this limited event runs. Also if EA keeps those micro-transactions under wraps so that the player base will be willing to give it all a try again or join in those who never gave up on the game.

In this new mode, you will either play as one of those little fluffy guys from Star Wars' past or on the side of the Stormtroopers who are out there to hunt them down and kill them. The Ewoks are obviously out there to ambush and bring down the Empire as best they can. While the Stormtroopers will obviously have the better firepower here, each time one is brought down an Ewok will spawn into the game. I am guessing as an AI bot of some sorts or the player will just switch sides. This goes on until all of the Ewoks are dead or all of the Stormtroopers are gone. Seems like a good addition to Star Wars Battlefront II when you write it all down.

Also coming with this update will be the return of Crystals for Star Wars Battlefront II. These were how you could unlock Appearances in the game either by purchasing them with real money or earning them over time. Due to Crystals coming back, there will also be a bunch of new Appearances in the mix. Over 50 new ones with Endor Han and Endor Leia being in the mix. All kinds of new ways to make yourself look how you wish in Star Wars Battlefront II. At least if that is something that is important to you when all is said and done. To each their own for now.

Star Wars Battlefront II — Night On Endor

Beneath the evening skies of Endor, the might of the Empire means little to the Ewoks as they fight for control of their homeworld. In Ewok Hunt, Star Wars Battlefront II’s exciting new mode, spears and blasters battle for dominance as a squad of stormtroopers are ambushed by a tribe of Ewoks descending from the trees to channel their hidden fury. Available only for a limited time, Ewok Hunt lets you stalk your Imperial enemy under the cover of night, or desperately fight to hold off the pint-sized throngs until you can escape.

In the new mode, you start as an Ewok or in a group of stormtroopers. The ambush begins as the Ewok attacks the unsuspecting stormtroopers, using spears, Wisties, and whatever abilities they can muster to take down the intruders. Each stormtrooper defeated spawns as another Ewok. If the Empire’s forces have been completely eliminated, the Ewoks win and their celebration can begin.

Our April update isn’t just about Ewok Hunt. As part of this month’s release, Crystals will return to Star Wars Battlefront II as one of the ways for fans to unlock Appearances, including Endor Leia and Endor Han. Real-world currency can only be used to purchase Crystals, which are only redeemable for Appearances. Over 50 additional Appearances to personalize your units will be made available in this update.

What do you think about this new mode coming to Star Wars Battlefront II? How long do you think it will run or will it be something that becomes a full feature and thus never leaves? Will you be looking to change your Appearance again in the game or will the looming sign of microtransactions keep you at bay for a while? Let us and the world know what you are thinking about all of this and then discuss in the comments below. When there is more for any Star Wars title out there, we will have it here. Just be sure to keep checking in on the site to see it all.