Deathgarden Is Bringing Us Another Dystopian Blood Sport Game


We have another asymmetrical action title, Deathgarden, on its way as Deathgarden is given the full announcement and gameplay to be available at PAX East

As if the world was not already grim enough, we have another sad look at the future with Deathgarden getting a full announcement and looking to bring more asymmetrical action to our PCs. That all sounded pretty grim there for the game, so let me be clear that I am talking about the new game Behaviour is working on that is placing us in the role of someone in a grim future. A grim future that we can experience from our seats and have a good time with. I am just digging deeper here… Let us just go with, we have a new game announced named Deathgarden and here is what it is mostly all about.

Deathgarden is coming from the same people who bring us Dead By Daylight and in this multiplayer game we will take on the role of a Hunter or part of a team of Runners. Runners having the task of trying to escape "The Garden" and move on to something else. Hunters, do exactly what it sounds like. The hunt down the runners. All for the entertainment for those in the world who want to watch this fun blood sport take place. We are not said spectators, but active participants in Deathgarden or else this would be a weird video game were we were all Twitch viewers and nothing more. Here is our first look at the game but much more will be coming out at PAX East and the closed alpha test you can currently sign up for.

Deathgarden — Announcement

Set in the near future, Deathgarden revolves around a spectacular real blood sport that is the most popular entertainment on the planet, where powerful Hunters prey on agile Runners.

In Deathgarden, Players choose to team up as agile Runners or to embody the Hunter, a heavily armed champion whose mission is to kill the runners, preventing them from escaping The Garden — an arena that is different every time.

All the joking aside, Deathgarden sounds like a new take on the Running Man and other dystopian stories and games like that. The only difference is that here it sounds like the Runners are out for glory and fame while the Hunters are also out for glory and fame. Unless there is some hidden story in Deathgarden that has yet to be explained. I am guessing there is as the arena we will be running around in will be changed in each match to keep things fresh. There has to be a good in-game reason for that. Or Deathgarden could just be all gameplay with a thin layer of story to explain the style and world a bit more. I guess we will have to wait and see.

What is your hot take on Deathgarden based on what little we all have for now? Do you agree that it sounds a lot like many of those dystopian future gameshows where humans are hunted down for sport and fame? Could this be the answer to many of the other battle royale titles out there on the market? Let us know what you are thinking down in the comments and then discuss. For more on Deathgarden, and we know there will be, keep an eye out right here. We will bring you everything that we can get our hands on for the game.