Rumor Mill: Borderlands 3 May Get A Full Reveal At E3 & Release In September


A new video and bit of information for Borderlands 3 has popped up and it points to a reveal of Borderlands 3 this June and a possible release date


Confirmed To Be Fake

Despite seeming to be backed by convincing evidence, the Borderlands 3 leak has turned out as a fake.

Last year, around this same time, Gearbox showed us a little bit of what could potentially be a Borderlands 3 game. It was a tech demo to show off the work the team has done with the engine they are working in and how far the visuals could be pushed; even with this art style. They were also so very coy with trying to name it and not to show off anything that would actually confirm a damn thing. It was enough to entice and excite us all, but it was so very short of an actual Borderlands 3 announcement. We know it is all coming but we are still waiting for an official word. Just give it already.

While we may have to wait a bit longer, it looks like a new "leaked" video confirms that it is Borderlands 3 that could be coming and we will get to see it all at E3 this year. That is if you want to believe what you read and see on the internet that is not from the source. You can see it below, but a user on Reddit has posted, reposted, and re-reposted the same video as it has been taken down and it shows off what looks like in-game visuals with a date stating when Borderlands 3 will be revealed. Not the strongest of things out there as it is filmed off-screen, but it does look a little bit real for us fans out there.

In addition to this video, the user also posted other details about this rumored Borderlands 3 that have been deleted. Thankfully in the internet age, nothing is truly deleted and the post can still be read through archives. Nothing too grand is revealed there, if true mind you, but it does state this could be the darkest title in the franchise, the main antagonist can be seen in the poster shown, there will be a season pass with three bits of DLC, and that Borderlands 3 should release September of this year. Where all of this proof comes from, is still to be questioned which is why this is still a rumor and nothing solid.

Borderlands 3 — Leaked Trailer And Poster

Borderlands 3 2018 Release Date

Borderlands 3 2018 Release Date (Archived)

The darkest game in the saga. Same style of graphics as the previous games. The man in the image is the antagonist of the game. The first seconds of the reveal trailer of June 10. In the game, we will visit other planets. PC, PS4, XONE & Switch. Reveal: June 10. Release date: September 2018. Sigleplayer, Co-op, Multiplayer and Survival. There will be a season pass with 3 expansions without an announced date. Main Story 25-30 hours.

In the instance that you showed up here and the video above has been removed yet again, you did not miss much for this Borderlands 3 rumor. It mainly shows a few planets that look to be from the franchise's universe and then lands on the same final shot that is used as the main image for this posting. Given that the video keeps popping up, I am sure you will have more opportunities to see it, but that is what you may have missed out on for Borderlands 3 besides the above text.

Do you think there is any truth to this Borderlands 3 rumor? Does it seem like the right way to go if Gearbox is making this the darkest in the franchise or is that just something this user is hoping for? Do you think that this will be a true teaser for an announcement here soon or will it only be something floating around as rumor until E3 in general? Let us all know down in the comments and then discuss. For more on Borderlands 3, be sure to stick close to the site here.