Burnout Paradise Remastered Is Announced & Coming Real Soon

Burnout Paradise

Another remaster is coming as Burnout Paradise Remastered is announced and it will be bringing the game in 4K and include all of the Burnout Paradise DLC out there

It is time to add another remastered title to the growing list as Burnout Paradise Remastered has been given the announcement treatment and heading to us on March 16th. Not the longest of lead times, but Criterion Games and EA wanted to get the racing game out there and all in the 4K quality at 60 FPS. That is at least if you are on a PS4 Pro or Xbox One X that can handle all of that. Those who do not have the latest and greatest for the consoles will still be able to play Burnout Paradise Remastered just without out the 4K levels. PC gamers out there will of course get their chance at some later date and will only be restricted based on their current system. At least that is how the powers that be have it listed for now.

Along with the announcement of Burnout Paradise Remastered, we have a trailer to look at for the game to show us how they took the old game from a decade ago and made it look and play nice on the new systems. It does look pretty, but I know I would still rather have a whole new title to play instead of the same old one that has a fresh coat of paint on it. Maybe that is just me though as the fun of nostalgia has lost effect on me as I want to see the industry push forward. Most likely just me here though. Nonetheless, have a look at the trailer for Burnout Paradise Remastered and see what will be coming at us on March 16th or on March 9th if you want to give a demo a try on Origin before launch.

Burnout Paradise Remastered — Reveal Trailer

Burnout Paradise Remastered includes the original base game and the eight add-on game packs released during the Year of Paradise, including the extension to the drivable world with Big Surf Island. Burnout Paradise Remastered also features a range of technical enhancements for greater visual fidelity, including high-resolution textures for players to explore Paradise City in 4K with supporting 60FPS on the PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X.

Burnout Paradise Remastered is rated E10 by the ESRB and is available digitally and in stores for $39.99 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It will be available later this year on Origin for PC, bringing the Big Surf Island add-on to PC players for the very first time. EA Access members will also get to play Burnout Paradise Remastered before its worldwide launch, starting on 9th March, 2018 via the Play First Trial.

Is Burnout Paradise Remastered the title you were hoping would get the full remaster or would you be hoping for a new title on the list? Will you be able to play the game in its full 4K quality or will you be playing just the game in general? Do you think that this will be the new "loot box" path that the publisher will go with based on how remasters normally do? Let us know your thoughts on it all down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. If we get more for Burnout Paradise Remastered, we will have it all up here on the site for you. Just stick around on the site and you will keep in the know.