Do Not Get Distracted By Kapo As She Shows Up In Nightmarchers


Yet another deity for Nightmarchers is here and this one gives us the ability to distract our foes in Nightmarchers in an interesting way

Add another of the Hawaiian deities to the list for Nightmarchers as we now have a look at Kapo in the game. This would be the goddess of fertility in the culture and while we could make strong assumptions as to the ability she could grant, it looks like Wyrmbyte Studios has gone a different path to keep it all in line with the game. At least in line with the lack of needing to sexualize Nightmarchers so far and that could have been the easy way out for it all. Instead, it looks like she will be granting us the ability to distract with an arrow and use said distraction to sneak or stealth kill our enemies. Not the first thing you would think of for a goddess like this, but it is what we have here.

Have a look at Kapo in Nightmarchers just below and see just how the Distraction ability can be used in the game. More or less, it is an arrow shot that looks to distract enemies in a bubble and keep them from moving around during the bubble's duration. Maybe a pheromone thing here or just a good way to show off where the enemies will be made docile for the player.

Nightmarchers — Akua Video Featuring Kapo

In this video we show off the god Kapo and the very useful distraction skill she teaches you in Nightmarchers.

Kapo is the goddess of Fertility. She is also a mistress of sorcery. She will help you distract foes and aid your journey.

While we do have this latest video for Nightmarchers, it does look like the Fig campaign for the game has now ended and Wyrmbyte Studios only reaching about 50% of their goal. This could spell that we may never get to see the game in its final form, but as the most recent update make it all sound; the studio is not stopping with moving forward on the project. Maybe they were able to find outside funding or maybe the campaign was just to hire extra talent to complete it faster. Whatever the case may be, it fell short of the goal and no direct word has been given on the fate of Nightmarchers at this point. The fact that we still have videos coming seems like it will still come to market, but only time will tell for now.

What have your thoughts on Nightmarchers been so far with all of the updates? Do you like how the team went with the goddess of fertility here and not going down the usual sex path with deities of these types? Do you think that we will still get the game even though the campaign has failed or will this be the last we hear of it all? Let us have your thoughts on all of this down in the comments and then discuss. If there is more for Nightmarchers, we will have it up on the site here. Just keep a close eye out so you can see those updates as they come.