Unlock More Of The Secrets Of Past Cure With A New Trailer

Past Cure

A new cinematic trailer for Past Cure is here and with it also comes a track from Past Cure’s original soundtrack to get us ready for the upcoming launch

In just about a week, we are going to be treated with Past Cure on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC and that means yet another trailer to entice us more. This time it is a pretty short cinematic trailer for the game, but it still does the job of showing us just what Phantom 8 Studio is trying to build for us. It has been a fun trip to try to see what Past Cure is all about and on February 23rd we will get to see what kind of head-trip or mind games will come with it all. That and how we will get to use some of those time-bending and other mental powers to try to figure out how Ian was placed in the situation he will find himself in at the start.

You can have a look at the latest for Past Cure just below. There does look to be a lot of overlap from other past videos, but it does seem to fit the tone and mood of the game better and I know I am further excited to dive in and have some fun.

Past Cure — Cinematic Trailer

Past Cure is a dark tale that follows Ian, a former soldier turned lab experiment who must face his demons — both inside and out. Search for the missing pieces of Ian’s mind in a game where action and stealth-based gameplay meets mind-bending telekinetic abilities; unravel the mystery and explore a world where the line between dreams and reality is dangerously thin.

If that was not enough to get your motor going for Past Cure, then we have yet another video to look at here for the game. Well, more listen to as it is one of the tracks from game's original soundtrack. It also happens to be the haunting main theme for Past Cure so it is something we will most likely hear a whole lot of. That or just when sitting on the loading screen and the end credit scroll. I guess it is good that we have it here to listen to as often as we want. At least if it is your jam in general. Have a listen, find out, and then get ready for the game to come at us next Friday.

Past Cure — Theme Song By Seiren

Phantom 8 Studio has also released today a full track from Past Cure’s original soundtrack. Belgium electronica band Seiren and lead singer Charlotte Jacobs developed the game’s haunting main theme song.

Are you ready for Past Cure to come already or are you still on the fence about picking it up? What do you think about the main theme that we will have in the game and do you like the mood it is setting? Do you think the rest will be in the same vein or will they run the gamut and keep us fully engaged? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more Past Cure information, keep coming back here to get it. We will keep it all flowing out there and hopefully keep you well informed.