Metro Exodus Will Have A Much Larger World Than Previous Titles

Metro Exodus

The size and scope of Metro Exodus has been revealed in a new interview and it looks like Metro Exodus will be taking the franchise into much larger territories

We have some new coverage here for Metro Exodus and while it may not be confirming any of the past rumors we had, it does take us into some new places for the franchise and here it is all about the size of the game. Not how long it will take us to play and beat the final version of the game, but how big the world that 4A Games is going to be taking us into will actually be. That and what to expect now that Metro Exodus will be taking us all out of the tunnels and caves but out into the open world and traveling across the decimated Russian landscape. All that and it also looks like the open-world thing is not just a description but how the final game will actually be.

In the following interview, the team goes into a few of the things we already know, but now talk about how they are making Metro Exodus more of an open-world title with maps almost ten to twenty times the size of the largest maps we have had in the past games. That all makes sense here with the title of the game and that we have had two full titles forcing us underground and mostly locked in. It is time to try something new with Metro Exodus and that is just what the team looks to be doing while keeping all of the classic elements locked in for fans. That could all be different in the final build but it is highly unlikely at this point.

In addition to the size and scope of Metro Exodus, it also is mentioned that we are going to get a bit more on the history of the game's world and populations that were in there before everything went to shit. 4A Games is adding in things they call "Frozen Memories" which will be in the game's world and there for us to see how things were before and after the Nuclear War and also what led up to all of the bombs going off. I know I have been interested in this as the games have been my only foray into the universe and now Metro Exodus is going to deliver. At least as it all sounds.

The last little tidbit we get out of this interview is that we will not be only confined to nuclear winter in Metro Exodus and that we will start to see seasons. Given the time that has gone past in the story already, and if there is a time jump in this game, it would make sense that the world could be coming back to a state of normalcy. At least a little bit as the ash and dust should be mostly settled by now. The radiation would still be an issue in areas, but at least the rest of the world should be starting to revert. I guess we will all find out for sure though…

Metro Exodus — 4A Games Reveals Scope Of The World

In this exclusive Game Informer interview, Metro Exodus' creative director Andiry "Prof" Prokhorov and executive producer Jon Bloch talk about the blending of open-world games like S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and the atmospheric tone of games like Metro: Last Light to create the multiple open areas for the new game.

How do you feel about Metro Exodus heading to an open-world design instead of the linear and closed that we have had twice already? Do you think it will be too easy to get lost in the open world of the game or will it be just like others and have easy markers to direct us? How much further into all of the world's story do you see the game going or will it still leave us wondering to carry the franchise a bit further? Let us know all of those thoughts you are having down in the comments and then discuss. As we get more for Metro Exodus, we will put it up here on the site. Just stick around here and you will get to see and experience it all.