Kingdom Hearts III Is Officially Getting A Monsters Inc. World

Kingdom Hearts

The rumors are now confirmed as Kingdom Hearts III will have a Monsters Inc. world and we have new gameplay for Kingdom Hearts III to go along with the announcement

Not too long ago there was a nice little rumor going around that Kingdom Hearts III was going to be getting Monsters Inc. as one of the worlds we would get to explore and play in. This was all due to a few "leaked" screenshots that were reported to come right from Square Enix's offices, but were never confirmed and left in the rumored state. Rumored no more though as out at Japan's D23 Expo over the weekend, it was confirmed and shown off that Monsters Inc. will be coming to Kingdom Hearts III and that we will have all kinds of crazy adventures in the world while dealing with the core story issues going on as well. They will be linked of course for those who have never played anything in the franchise so far.

You can see the English subbed version of the trailer just below to see how this new world will change up the cast of Kingdom Hearts III as well as a bit more gameplay that will be going on outside of Monsters Inc. We have a few summons to look at that will add in some Disney favorites to the roster that we have seen in the past titles, but we also get a look at some of the new traversal gameplay we will experience. It has been a while since I played the original Kingdom Hearts titles so I may be a bit off, but the rail sliding and free-falling seems new to me. Have a look for yourself and see what I am talking about though and be the judge.

Kingdom Hearts III — D23 Expo Japan 2018 Monsters, Inc.

Originally aired at Disney’s D23 Expo Japan 2018 Tokyo, this trailer reveals that Sora, Donald, and Goofy will be adventuring in the Monsters, Inc. world! Check out Sora, Donald, and Goofy’s monster forms, powerful new Keyblade attacks, and the return of past friends and foes!

In addition to all of the above gameplay and announcement for Kingdom Hearts III, we also have been treated with the theme song to the game that has been worked up. I am not sure why this is a big announcement or that others out there have lost their minds over it, but it is also a thing and you can hear it just below. Spoiler alert for those who are not into losing their minds over a song, it sounds a lot like we have had in other Kingdom Hearts games. It is just new to the game here and what we will be hearing during the title screen and end credits. At least that is the assumption I am making here for it. I could be wrong.

Kingdom Hearts III — “Don’t Think Twice”

Are you surprised that Monsters Inc. will now be a part of Kingdom Hearts III or did you pretty much guess it to be the case with the other Pixar films getting the nods and worlds? What do you think of the new gameplay that we have to look at here and do you think it will truly break what we all know from the past? What other Disney worlds are you hoping to see in the game here and do you think we could get some of the other properties like Marvel or Star Wars mixed in too? Let us know down in the comments and then discuss. There is still a lot more to learn for Kingdom Hearts III and we will be covering it all. Just be sure to keep checking back in here to keep as up to date as possible.