Nightmarchers Will Let You Become A Shark Thanks To Kamohoali'i


The next deity for Nightmarchers is here and is taking a few jabs at a few other games, as Nightmarchers will now let you transform into a shark in game

We have seen Kamohoali'i in past videos for Nightmarchers, but here we go with the full look at the deity in the game and just what we will be getting if we are able to restore the temple. I will admit it seems odd that Wyrmbyte Studios has teased this deity in the past videos only to bring a good look now, but I will not complain about it. Especially since the ability we are granted for helping the god out is the ability to turn into a Shark in Nightmarchers and do what sharks do. Swim and hunt the waters of the world. I am sure there is more than just that, but that is what they are known for and just what we are going to get here in the game based on the latest video we have to see.

I am a bit curious if there will be some other benefit or need to turn into a shark in Nightmarchers though. As you can see below, it is mainly swimming and then emerging with not much else going on in the form. It does look like there could be some extra underwater exploration or need in the final game as the team did take the time to make it all beautiful and not just some basic thing to get from point A to B. Nothing indicates that there will be such gameplay in Nightmarchers, but it does make sense that we would see it at some point. As long as the game is actually funded and made. I guess we will see.

Nightmarchers — Akua Video Presenting Kamohoali'i

Sure, Kai can transform into an owl and fly high above Oahu. But so many games let you do that now. Thanks, Assassin's Creed and Far Cry. But how many games let you channel your inner Maui and become a shark? That's what the power of Nightmarchers' latest Akua (god) can do for you.

As of this posting, Nightmarchers is still sitting at 41% funded with only a week left to go. If you have been enjoying what you have seen for the game and want to help Wyrmbyte Studios get it over the finish line, you can head over to their Fig campaign and back the game further. It does look like a bulk of the development has been completed already and the team is only looking for $100,000 to finish it up. So, I am pretty sure that we will see Nightmarchers at some point even if the campaign fails over there. At least that is my thought on it all.

What do you think about getting the ability to turn into a shark in Nightmarchers that we have here? Do you think it will be just another mode of getting around the islands or will there be more to it than that? Have you already helped the team out by funding or has this pushed you over to the "I'm going to help them" side of the fence? Let everyone know down in the comments and then discuss. For more Nightmarchers though, be sure to keep a close eye on the site here. We have been fascinated by the game since we first heard about it and we will keep bringing you everything that we can.