Get To Know The Team Bringing Us Past Cure Soon

Past Cure

The release date of Past Cure is slightly further out than before, but after getting to know the team of Past Cure, it makes a bit more sense based on their size

We have had some good looks at Past Cure over the recent months and it looks like we will have just over another month to wait to finally get the game. The release date is now set for February 23rd now and it is still heading to the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. All of that said, it is still crazy to think that all of this is being done by Phantom 8 Studio with a team of no more than eight people. I guess that is where the 8 comes from in the studio name, but it still comes as a surprise to me as they have been able to do wonders with Past Cure up to now and it looks like it could be a great start to a long run for the team.

Now that we know all of that, it is time to get to know these developers who are bringing us Past Cure in an all-new behind the scenes video for the game. More or less, it is a short blurb getting to see the faces of the team and less of the actual gameplay or work that went into bringing us the game, but it is a nice way to get to see the process and distract us from the extra few weeks we have to wait for Past Cure to finally launch. If the game does well, we will need to remember these faces as we could see so much more form them in the future and that is something we need to be excited about. At least for now.

Past Cure — Behind The Scenes At Phantom 8

A behind the scenes video for Past Cure and the small 8 man dev team that made the game at Phantom 8 Studio.

Are you ready for Past Cure to finally launch and do you think the slight delay was for a specific reason? Are you impressed with the team here in general given their size and the scope of the first title they are pumping out there? Was all of this to distract from a delay that was most likely caused by the console versions and the testing those have to go through before they can be released? Let us know down in the comments and then discuss. For more on Past Cure, be sure to stick around here on the site. We will keep our coverage flowing for it and you will want to see it all, hopefully.