There Will Be A Whole Lot To Fear In The Inpatient

The Inpatient

A new teaser for The Inpatient is here to show off just how The Inpatient will feel and what kinds of fears we can expect to see

In a few weeks, those gamers out there who happen to have a nice PS VR will get to experience what The Inpatient has in store for them. Those who do not will be left to wonder what Supermassive Games has crafted and came up with before Until Dawn in terms of story. It is weird to have an exclusive on an exclusive given that not all PS4 owners have gone VR just yet, but The Inpatient could be one of those titles that causes a shift and more players to drop their hard-earned cash. Unless they are all cool with either missing out or watching what is going on through non-VR videos out there of other people playing the game. The gaming world is a weird evolved mistress at this point.

No matter the case, we have a new teaser video for The Inpatient just before it launches on January 23rd. It is not much in the way of anything new, which will keep us out of spoilers, but if the title of the video is anything to go by, this does give a feel for how some of the scares and horror of The Inpatient will play out. Based on my personal experience with the title from before, I can see some of it but this video plays up the jumps a bit more than they came back then. It has been over six months so things could have changed. Nonetheless, have a look at the latest trailer for the game and then get ready to dive in or miss out.

The Inpatient — Feel Them All

The Inpatient is a psychological horror game set in the Blackwood Sanatorium, 60 years prior to the events in Until Dawn. You take on the role of a patient with amnesia at the sanatorium and over the course of the game discover who you are and what mysterious events led you there.

Does The Inpatient look like it will be something in line with your interests or will it be a title you skip on? Could this be the title that gets you to join the PS VR world or will it take more than a horror experience to get your money out of your hands? Do you think that Supermassive Games has changed much of what they have shown off so far to add a new level of jump scares into the VR world or is this just all flashy marketing to get you to buy it all? Give us all of those thoughts down in the comments and then discuss. We will keep following up on The Inpatient as we get closer to launch so be sure to stick around on the site for all of that.