Metal Gear Survive Has More Of A Single Player Than Some Have Thought

Metal Gear

More than five minutes worth of Metal Gear Survive gameplay is out there now and it shows off more of the single player of Metal Gear Survive as well as the crafting system

If you had any doubts about Metal Gear Survive having a solid single-player game mixed into it all, then you may still be holding on to your doubts but that does not change the fact that we have some new gameplay to look at for it. Konami has opted to let IGN release another five to six minutes of the solo play for the game to show off that it will not just be waves after waves of the "zombie" enemies with your buddies. It looks like there will be some true reason for us to be out there in the world of Metal Gear Survive and collecting others who have managed to survive the world and fog that plagues it all. I am still a bit confused on all of that as there has not been a good explanation on how others without gear have survived, but I am sure we will get that at some point.

In addition to seeing some more of the single-player game of Metal Gear Survive, we also have a look at just how the crafting and base building will handle in the game. More or less, it is all how we have seen so far but it is always nice to see a bit more. Especially since you will have to go out and scrounge for more items over time to keep the facility up and running and not just have it teleported in like other things. Again, it is still confusing on why we will need to scavenge when we still have the wormhole technology of the core Metal Gear Solid V but are now in a different dimension. I am sure that they will try to make sense of it all at the end of the day.

No matter the case, have a look at more for Metal Gear Survive that we have here today. It may sway your mind back into this weird hybrid of the past titles and many other zombie titles we have played over the years. It is almost as if Konami felt left out and needed to do something with the IP they held on to after all the drama a few years back. That is just me speculating though and who knows, maybe this will be a larger success than many gamers out there have been giving it credit so far. Time will tell and so will the upcoming beta on January 18th for it all. I think that will be the true test if it will survive the tastes and nerd-rage of gamers out there.

Metal Gear Survive — 5 Minutes Of Single-Player Gameplay

Get a look at base-building, crafting, and luring zombies off of cliffs in the upcoming Metal Gear Survive release.

How do you feel about Metal Gear Survive now that you have seen more gameplay and how it could play when not needing to play online with others? Do you like how the crafting system and the base building looks to work or is it as basic as you would think? How do you think that they will handle the whole wormhole thing and needing to scavenge outside of "it's just the gameplay" excuse? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss at length. As we learn more about Metal Gear Survive, we will bring it here to you on the site. Just keep close and keep checking back in to see it all and keep up to date on all of it.