Monster Hunter: World Has Been Confirmed To Have A PC Release

Monster Hunter

It has been officially announced that Monster Hunter: World will be coming to the PC so all will be able to experience the Monster Hunter fun out there

The beta for Monster Hunter: World may have come to a close and we are all now eagerly waiting for it to hit the PS4 and Xbox One on January 26th but that all would be leaving the PC gaming side of it all out there in limbo for now. Not wanting to do that, it looks like Capcom has finally made it official that the game will be heading out to PC gamers as well. They will only have to wait a bit longer as Monster Hunter: World will not be gracing that platform until sometime in Autumn of this year. So anytime between September and November as long as they keep the norms that we are all used to. That and if there are no development hiccups as well.

In addition to this news, it has also been confirmed that Monster Hunter: World will also be getting free updates to the console version after launch. Presumably, they will also hitting the PC version as well, but for now it has been stated as consoles. These new updates should be bringing with it many things, but the only items mentioned have been new monsters to go out there and hunt. This makes sense given that the game is called Monster Hunter and these kinds of updates would help prolong the lifecycle of the game to carry out until close to the end of 2018. Color me not surprised at all by that. At least they will all be free and we will not be force to pay for this kind of content. At least as of yet.

Monster Hunter: World — PC Development Update

Happy New Year, hunters. Here is a developer update from the Monster Hunter: World producer. It's currently being optimized for PC and is planned for an Autumn 2018 release.

Does the confirmation of Monster Hunter: World coming to the PC really surprise you or did you think that Capcom was going to go console only with the game? What other monsters would you like to see in the game as part of these updates or is it still too soon to try to figure that out? Did you have a good time in the beta over the holidays or did you miss out due to video game overwhelming? Give us all of those thoughts down in the comments and then discuss. For more updates on Monster Hunter: World, be sure to keep checking in on the site here.