You Can Now Engage Star Trek: Bridge Crew Without Needing VR

Star Trek

A new update for Star Trek: Bridge Crew is here and it allows you to join in on the Star Trek fun without the need for VR headsets

We have some good news for you Trekkies out there that feel left out of the fun of Star Trek: Bridge Crew due to not having a full VR set up for your PC our a PSVR for your PS4. That news is that Ubisoft has listened to your cries and opted to put out an update that will allow non-VR gamers out there to access and enjoy the game. That is right; we can now enjoy Star Trek: Bridge Crew without the need of a VR helmet if that is our jam or we do not have all the money out there to get set up in the VR space. This seems like something that should have been thought about when the game first launched, but even though we are a few months out from there, I will take it.

There is not a solid word or showing of how this new option will play in Star Trek: Bridge Crew, but I am going to guess it makes the game a bit more FPS for those non-VR players. What is cool though is that no matter how you are choosing to play Star Trek: Bridge Crew, you will be able to play with every other gamer out there who owns the game. None-VR will not need to be paired up with Non-VR as well as those on PC will be able to play with those on the PS4. It makes sense that there would not need to be much to alter the game for all of this, but it is a thing now and we can boost sales of the game by checking it all out. More so now that it does not require an extra $300 USD to play on your chosen platform now.

Star Trek: Bridge Crew — Non-VR Patch

Star Trek: Bridge Crew is now available for non-VR players on PlayStation 4 and PC with a new free update! Join matches with both VR and non-VR players seamlessly across all platforms. This update also includes enhanced Windows Mixed Reality support.

Available now, Star Trek: Bridge Crew transports fans into the Star Trek universe where they assume the role of a Starfleet officer and complete missions that will determine the fate of their ship and crew.

Does this entice you to try Star Trek: Bridge Crew now or did it miss its mark by not offering this from the start? Do you think that the mediocre sales of the game led to the development of this update or was this something always planned but missed in the initial release? What other features do you think will come to the game as they mentioned in the video or will it only be the basic updates and tweaks to keep it all running? Let us know what you are thinking down in the comments and then discuss. For more on Star Trek: Bridge Crew as Ubisoft releases it, be sure to be right here. We will keep all of those updates here for you and you will be sad if you miss them.