There Is So Much Going On In Dreams Than We Knew Before


A lot of new gameplay for Dreams is out there for us to take in and get to understand just what kind of game Dreams is

Here we go with a lot more on Dreams coming here to our PS4 in 2018. Hopefully you were not looking for some weird update about how our personal dreams can get into our video games but more on how Media Molecule has worked on the game and what we are going to get to experience. I have faith that you know why you are here though and that is for more on just what the game has to offer up in terms of gameplay and extras that we have grown to love from the developer. You did not think that they were going to abandon their ways after the most recent LittleBigPlanet did you?

It looks like Dreams, like their other titles, will house both a story mode and a creation mode in the game. Something they refer to as Dream Surfing and Dream Shaping respectfully. Dream Surfing can be done for both the Story mode that MM has crafted but also for those little adventures that the community at large has crafted too. Not the most shocking of revelations there, but it is what it is. Have a look at the three-pronged story we are going to have when we dive in and try to help 'Art' out with his weird Noir, Cyberpunk, and Kid's Nightmare style worlds. All to tell one larger story but bringing you three different styles of gameplay.

Dreams — What Is Dreams?

Media Molecule’s Studio Director Siobhan Reddy, Art Director Kareem Ettouney, Technical Director Alex Evans and Creative Director Mark Healey offer an overview of what the studio’s ambitious new PS4 project Dreams is all about.

Dreams — Introducing Story Mode

Media Molecule offers the first look at the three interweaving narratives that make up Dreams’ central Story Mode, all built using the very same tools that you’ll have access to.

Now that we have seen how Dreams' story will play out and the sheer basics of the game, just how was it all made? The short answer is: In the same way we are going to craft all of our levels and such. While the main design for the game had to have been done on your average PC development kit, the actual story and missions we are getting here for Dreams were all made using the Dream Shaping Mode. Anything you see done in the core story of the game can be done on your own end as the level designers used the same tools we will be getting. Of course, they have the advantage of having all the time and years of experience under their belt, but it is still possible for us.

If you do not believe me on that, have a look at just how environments and levels are crafted in under a few minutes for Dreams. These are nothing to make a huge deal about in the grand scale of it all, but it shows what can be done if we take the time and use what they have to give us. It can be quite impressive and I am sure that the community here will do just that as they have with all of the past titles they have put out there. This time with more Move and DS4 controls though.

Dreams — Making An Environment In 5 Minutes

Media Molecule’s Art Director Kareem Ettouney demonstrates how easy it is to create a beautiful environment in Dreams’ Dream Shaping mode.

Dreams — Creating A Level In Under 10 Minutes

Dreams’ Level Designer John Beech puts together a fully playable level to showcase how easy it is to build in the game’s Dream Shaping mode.

How excited are you for Dreams now that you have seen the level of power they are going to place in our hands? Do you think players will create something that the core team never thought up or will we all use it for a few minor things and call it a day? Should Media Molecule just put out their own game engine at this point and call it a day or keep doing what they are here? Let us have all of those great thoughts down in the comments and then discuss. We will be out there digging up more for Dreams and placing it up here. Just keep checking back in to make sure you are seeing it all.