Meet Vincent And Leo Who Will Take Us On A Journey In A Way Out

A Way Out

Get introduced to A Way Out's two main characters that we will get to experience from start to finish in co-op during A Way Out

A little while back, we heard of a new game coming out from Hazelight Studios called A Way Out. Many equated it to a video game version of Prison Break or similar stories like it. Not shocking as we do get to play as Leo and Vincent who do make one of those daring escapes, but also with a lot more going on in the game. The Game Awards this year showed us a bit more for A Way Out and the two main characters we would be taking the roles of. Either in co-op online or sitting next to your friend on the couch. Good thing as the whole game will be a co-op title and it sounds like you will not get to play it without a friend, so you had better start looking for those as March 23rd is not that far off and it may take some time to get coordinated between them on the PS4, Xbox One, or PC.

On the bright side of it all, it has been announced now that both parties will not need to have a copy of A Way Out to actually play it. Only one of you will need a copy and the other can hop on in and take on one of the roles. This goes for online co-op and not the couch kind. Sadly that should be obvious, but the times we live in, we need to make sure it is apparent. Anyhow, now that we know all of that, we can take a look at the two characters and the journey that we will be experiencing with them. Even though both characters are just as cliché as one could imagine in a situation like this. One calm and collected and the other brash and ready to go unhinged at a moment's notice. Would the story truly be over too soon if both were calm and collected? Asking for a friend here…

Have a look at the latest trailer for A Way Out and then get ready to wait just a bit longer until it finally lands in our homes. Or in one of our friend's homes so we can all experience it without shelling out too much cash to EA. Unless they force in some weird micro-transactions into the mix to try to shake things up. Are we all hoping for a "pay to be released early" option right? No? Well shi…

A Way Out — Meet Vincent And Leo

From Hazelight Studios, creators of Brothers – A Tale Of Two Sons, comes an exclusively co-op adventure unlike anything you’ve played before.

Join Vincent and Leo, two inmates who must work together to make their daring escape from prison and continue beyond into both characters' lives in an action-packed story.

When you buy the full version of A Way Out, you’ll get the special chance to invite friends into the full experience to play with you for free. So pre-order now, find a friend you can trust, and start planning.

Does that fact that A Way Out can be played co-op with only one copy of the game make you more inclined to play it or just force people to buy coasters when the excitement wears off and they have no friends to sit on a couch? Do you think that there will be a way, hacked or not, to play the game solo or will you always need to have another live being playing with you? Do you think that the characters are too "basic" for the story here or will they play right into it all? Let us know down in the comments and then discuss. I am sure there will be more updates for A Way Out in the coming weeks and when they do come, we will have them on the site for you. Keep checking back in to make sure you see them all.