The Inpatient Is Aiming To Bring You Deeper Into The Immersion

The Inpatient

A new behind the scenes video for The Inpatient is here to show us just how much further into the experience The Inpatient will take us besides just VR

It is no surprise that games like The Inpatient are aiming to give us all the best immersion that we can hope for on the PS VR. That is kind of one of the things that VR is all about, but it looks like there was a lot more for this game than Supermassive Games had to show earlier on. At least out of the demos I have played, but come January 23rd it looks like we are all going to have even more reasons to give The Inpatient a go as they have many other hidden gems mixed in to bring the immersion level to an all-time high. At least for this title and on the PS4, but still it is a pretty solid feat to have accomplished when you look at it.

We all know that VR is designed to give us that immersion factor with being elsewhere, and so far The Inpatient had done that and placed us in the Until Dawn universe rather well. Now we have word of a few other features that the experience will hold to make it even deeper. One of them being a tactile responsiveness through the Move controllers and DS4. Okay, not the biggest thing as it will mostly be using the gyroscopes to try and simulate tactile feedback, but as there are no viable full gloves this will be the best we get for now. Just be glad that they are trying something to bring us deeper in and thinking about that so we forget we are just holding controllers.

While that may not be too impressive, there are other features for The Inpatient that will truly help with it all. Binaural audio was used to try to give us a more realistic feel of spacial awareness when it comes to the sounds, but even that is not the biggest feature. We are playing as a patient that has amnesia in The Inpatient and the character knows just as much as we do for the story. This is all about the experience of us being said patient here and Supermassive Games has added in voice recognition to it all so we can actually respond to the game instead of just selecting the text options. If that does not add an extra level to it all, then I guess we will need to wait for the hardware to progress a bit further.

I guess we should be glad that we have the real world "out" of not having the full tactile response for The Inpatient to ground us back. Unless you were truly trying to get lost in this horror setting.

The Inpatient — Behind The Scenes

See some exclusive new footage from The Inpatient and learn more about how we place you in this unsettling world.

The Inpatient is a psychological horror game set in the Blackwood Sanatorium, 60 years prior to the events in Until Dawn. You take on the role of a patient with amnesia at the sanatorium and over the course of the game discover who you are and what mysterious events led you there.

What are your thoughts on all of this for The Inpatient? Do you think that being able to vocalize your responses for the game will put you further into the feel of the game or will it be something you use once or twice and go back to just selecting the text? Do you think that the binaural audio will give you that perfect place in the world or will you need to keep moving your head around to get it right? Let us all know down in the comments and then discuss. For more on The Inpatient as we get closer to the release date, keep checking back here. We will keep you all updated on this as we get ever closer to launch.