Check Out The New Metal Gear Survive Breakdown Of Gameplay

Metal Gear

A new video for Metal Gear Survive is here to show off more of the game and just where Metal Gear Survive falls in the story of the overall IP

All of those little bits for Metal Gear Survive were nice and all, but now it is time to get some real substance for the game. There have been many things still questions about it all ever since Konami announced it was coming and gave us all a first look at it. With it hitting the PS4 and Xbox One on February 20th, as we assumed before, now is the time to get more of the details out there and that is what we have here for you. At least if you are looking to play the single-player mode of Metal Gear Survive more than anything. Yes, there will be a single player version of the game here and it will be pretty filled portion of the game that looks like it could link into the co-op play in some ways.

As it all goes here, the story of Metal Gear Survive will pick up some time after the final scenes of Ground Zeroes where Mother Base was wrecked. The protagonist of the game was on the base and pulled through a wormhole with all of the other stuff that was on the base that did not sink. He makes it back and is now tasked with being sent in again "for reasons" to survive and stuff. This will lead to him needing to "survive" the other world that looks like ours just with a deadly fog the surrounds our home base there. Not as a barrier to keep us in all the time, but to add another harsh environmental issue to Metal Gear Survive as we will need to venture out there to scavenge and "farm" things to survive with. You know, because they just choose not to send things over to help us on this mission.

There will be crafting and base building in Metal Gear Survive, which is why we will need to go out and scavenge I guess. All in this death cloud filled with enemies and the ability to kill us in a single breath. You can read that as we will need to manage out oxygen levels out there as well after we craft a rebreather to be able to venture out there. You know, as it seems like this gas will only kill us as we can recruit other characters that are lost out there without the same gear and are surviving perfectly fine. It does not make sense at all, but it is how you can build up your base and make it easier to "farm" your items instead of needing to hunt them all down.

As the game is called Metal Gear Survive, there will be the usual elements of other zombie survival stories mixed in here as stealth will be the best option. One reason is that the enemies are attracted to sound and will swarm you if you make too much while out and about. Another reason being that we will have limited ammo for our firearms, so while they are powerful, they will run out of ammo fast. This is why we also have a bow and arrow set up where we will be limited there too, but we can pick up arrows we fire off to replenish. I guess they do not corrode at all like the real world, but this is a game and we need to flub some things for fun instead of realism. Not that Metal Gear Survive is supposed to be some huge real-world simulator or anything.

Metal Gear Survive — Single Player Commentary

Metal Gear Survive picks up from the final stages of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. Players are pulled through a wormhole and find themselves in a dangerous world filled with biological threats and hostile environments where they must survive and find their way home. Not only will they fight off deadly creatures, but also explore and forage the environment for food, water, and other resources to stay alive.

Additionally, Metal Gear Survive will be holding a beta from January 18th-21st, 2018. Players will have a chance to jump into co-op mode to build, defend and fight alongside friends online. The Beta will be available to download for PS4 and Xbox One players. Participants will also receive an in-game bonus redeemable with the purchase of the full game. Bonus items include a Fox Hound nameplate, an accessory Metal Gear REX Head and Accessory bandana.

Does all of this change your thoughts on Metal Gear Survive at all or are you still on the fence about it all? Do you think the open beta that was announced will help bring more people into the fold or will that be more of a server test than an actual beta to be played? Does it make sense that other characters can survive the death cloud but we will need to watch our air at all times or die? Let us know what you are thinking now and then feel free to discuss. For more on Metal Gear Survive, make sure to stick around here. We will keep bringing you all of the news and updates that we can scrounge up.