Resident Evil 7 Is Bringing Gold & Now Joe Baker

Resident Evil

The gold edition for Resident Evil 7 is here and now we have a new look at Joe Baker for Resident Evil 7 and just what he is looking to do

Today is the day that Resident Evil 7's Gold Edition is hitting the PS4, Xbox One, and PC and that means that all of the DLC we have been waiting for is also hitting the systems to fill out the game just a bit more. That's right, as well as this big bundle for the game that Capcom has for us, they also have all of the DLC out there from the Not A Hero bit where we take on the role of Chris Redfield again, but also the "found footage" part where we get to meet Joe Baker. Yes, there is one more to the clan of villains in Resident Evil 7 and this just happens to be the grizzled man we have seen in the past teasers for the DLC. Jack had a brother and it looks like he may be the better of the two based on what we have to get us all excited for the extra gameplay.

As you will see in the new footage for Resident Evil 7, it looks like Joe may be the real father figure for Zoe in the story and he is out to help her and get to further ending in her story. What that could mean should be shown off in the DLC, but it does look like Joe will have to fight off Molded as well as Umbrella to get there. All with his bare fists for the most part. At least as this trailer makes it look, Joe will be punching and kicking everything while doing a light "escort mission" with Zoe in tow. At least carrying her as it looks in the trailer. Hopefully, we can set her down in some sections or place her safely somewhere else so we can get back to the kicking and punching. Have a look at what you are going to be getting her today just below.

Resident Evil 7 — “Joe Baker”

Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition is out now! Survive the Baker mansion, explore all previously released DLC, and download the free “Not a Hero” content to explore a new story after the events of the main game as Chris Redfield.

As a reminder, the Not A Hero DLC for Resident Evil 7 will be available for all who own the game with or without the Season Pass for the DLC. The End Of Zoe DLC is part of the Season Pass and the Gold Edition of the game, but for those who did not get either of those and still want to see how Zoe's story ends, you can drop an extra $14.99 USD on the DLC and add it to your mix. Although all of the Banned Footage extras are completely worth having and experiencing, so if you can get the Season Pass I would totally recommend it. You should not be let down unless Resident Evil 7 just is not your jam for some reason.

Are you all prepped for the End Of Zoe DLC here for Resident Evil 7? What are your thoughts on Joe Baker here and do you think he has some extra powers from the mold like the others or will he just be some badass that can kick and punch his way through the world? Are you just excited to get to play the Not A Hero DLC so you can see where Capcom may be taking the franchise with a future title? Let us have all of those fun thoughts and discussions down in the comments. We will keep bringing you all of the Resident Evil 7 fun as it is revealed, so be sure to stick right here on the site so you do not miss out on one single update.