A New Dark Fantasy First-Person Title Is Coming In The Way Of Witchfire


A new title form The Astronauts is in the works called Witchfire and not much is known about what Witchfire actually is as of yet

Just in case you were sitting around wondering what The Astronauts have been up to as of late, we have the answer to that and it is working on Witchfire. Yes, that is the name of their new game that is in the works for the PC and a good portion of what we know about the game so far. Outside of the short trailer that was shown off during The Game Awards, that gave us all a small look at what we could expect. More or less, it is a first-person shooter in a dark fantasy world that has elements of the real world in it. Partially because Witchfire uses photogrammetry tech to snag stuff, but also as it is easier to work with what you know and that blends over so well.

Have a look at the announcement trailer for Witchfire just below and see what it is all about. It fits into what the team has done so far, just with a high action rate and more running instead of walking.

Witchfire — Teaser

Have you been wondering what we’ve been up to lately? Well, the new game we’re working on is called Witchfire. It’s a dark fantasy first-person shooter… and that’s all we can say at the moment. The game is still a long way from release and we are not announcing any other platforms than PC/Steam. The reason we’re launching the teaser so early is simply to let everyone know that we’re alive and kicking, and how radically different this new project of ours is compared to our previous game, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter.

I will say that based on what we have above for Witchfire, it does look like a BioShock or Dishonored style shooter we will have here. One hand for a gun and the other for whatever "spell" or extra powered ability we have at our disposal. All based on the name alone and nothing directly from The Astronauts, so take that as conjecture. It is just easy to work off that based on what we have so far and the very little bit extra in the text. It is a bit frustrating when developers make these kinds of announcements but then are lacking in any real detail. Why not just wait until you have more than a tease and then blow all of our minds? It is how I would go about it…

What is your hot take on Witchfire as it all stands right now? Do you agree that it looks like the other first-person titles I mentioned or could that be just one isolated scene in the full game? Does it bother you too that we are only getting small teases for games like this and then forced to wait months to get any real information? Let the world know your thoughts down in the comments and then discuss. For more on Witchfire as it comes through, make sure to be right here. We will place all of the updates we can get on the site here so you will want to stay tuned in.