The Final Core Episode Of Life Is Strange: Before The Storm Is Almost Here

Life Is Strange

The third and final episode of Life Is Strange: Before The Storm is coming soon to wrap up the events leading to Life Is Strange in general

Get ready to wrap up the base story for Life Is Strange: Before The Storm here in a few weeks as we now have a release date and trailer for the third and final episode for the game. Or at least the final episode in terms of the story that Deck Nine Games set out to do with this game and not just the extra content that is coming next year to better bridge this and the core game. Yes, that all sounds weird to say and it is weird to type, but that is just how it is until Square Enix goes out and funds even more of Life Is Strange to be made or just puts it in a folder somewhere. Nonetheless, we can look out for the third episode of the game to hit the PS4, Xbox One, and PC on December 20th here and then a few more months to get that Farewell episode we spoke of before.

As with all of these episodic titles like Life Is Strange: Before The Storm, we have a new trailer to look at to see how all of the events are finally coming to a head and how it could all end. Also just how some of those relationships and choices could have affected the overall narrative of the game. It had to do more than a few lines of dialog there but I am going to venture it will still leave us with Rachel and Chloe in the same states as they were when Life Is Strange first kicked off so long ago. One cannot really retcon a whole game in just a few episodes; not that we would have wanted them to either. Have a look at the trailer here and see just what kind of "storm" we are in for based on the choices made so far.

Life Is Strange: Before The Storm — Hell Is Empty

Chloe struggles to keep grasp of the events unraveling in front of her as we hurtle towards a dramatic conclusion and the consequences of your all your actions so far. As her friendship with Rachel Amber reaches new heights of emotion, Chloe uncovers a dangerous revelation that will require her to find the courage and strength to make some of the toughest decisions of her life…

It is kind of weird still writing about a prequel that has kind of already set up a whole other title already like Life Is Strange, but there are always little nuggets of story that fill in some of the blanks. This is what I have had to keep focusing on while playing through the episodes so far as I already know where the characters end up and am now just getting to see how they got there. This leads to my issue with level of suspense and danger in games like this as we mostly know what happened based on Life Is Strange by itself, so it has been hard to get worked up over what Deck Nine Games is bringing us. At least in terms of worry about how outcomes will play out. Maybe we will get some solid twists in here that could change the whole franchise in general, but I will not hold my breath on that.

For now, we wait for this episode of Life Is Strange: Before The Storm to finally drop and then we will pick up the pieces left behind. Maybe we will get more story or other angles of it all if Square Enix opts to shell out more to keep it all going. The story is a fun roller coaster after all if you can play the events all in chronological order…

Are you ready for Life Is Strange: Before The Storm to end in terms of the base story? Do you think we will have a chance to change anything that has been established so far in the IP or will it still all lead to where it has already? How do you think all of your choices from before will alter how events come to a close or will it just be different dialog and inflection on it without much more? Let us all know down in the comments and then discuss. For more on this and other parts of Life Is Strange, stick around here on the site. We will have much more to come and you will be glad you stuck it out.