Here Are Some Of The Upgrades That Are Coming For Shadow Of The Colossus

Shadow Of The Colossus

Have a look at the intro for Shadow Of The Colossus' new remake and see just how this one will be superior to the original Shadow Of The Colossus

If there is one title we are going to hear a whole lot of out of PSX or in the coming months, it is Shadow Of The Colossus' remake. Seeing as February 6th is so close and the huge event is taking place next week, it makes perfect sense that Bluepoint Games will be showing off all kinds of new gameplay to get us all riled up. Seeing as this will be a fully next-gen version of Shadow Of The Colossus and not just a remasters, there is a solid reason to keep an eye and that is what we have here with the latest intro for the game. The intro in terms of the video that will play before you are even able to press X to start the game. Something that is usually done in a cinematic but as it looks, this is all game engine footage.

In addition to the look at all of this, some of it for a second time, we have commentary for it all from the devs doing this remake of Shadow Of The Colossus. Of course, they go into all of the changes that they have made and what was carried over from the original game. More or less it sounds like just the basic layouts of the levels and building though as this is a remake and not a remaster. It would be odd to just have the old PS2 Shadow Of The Colossus here and not much else, so this is not a huge surprise. It is a fun little thing though for those who enjoy hearing and seeing how their games are made. Have a look and then get ready to wait a few more months to be able to play it all.

Shadow Of The Colossus — Developer Commentary

A legendary story begins anew. Bluepoint Games' Mark Skelton, Marco Thrush, and Peter Dalton discuss the gorgeous opening cinematic of Shadow Of The Colossus on PS4. The developers reveal details on artistic direction and the technical enhancements made to create an unparalleled vision of this beloved classic.

What do you think about how all of this new Shadow Of The Colossus looks so far? Do you think that the new lighting and coloring will make it feel like a truly new game or will it be the same one just with some "new paint" thrown on? Are you glad to see that there was time put in for the horse's tail physics? Let us have all of those thoughts down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. We will hopefully have a lot more for Shadow Of The Colossus here. Just keep checking back on the site to see it and keep up to date on all things video games.