Past Cure Will Have Us Blending Stealth & Combat To Survive

Past Cure

We have a new gameplay walkthrough for Past Cure that shows off how stealth and combat will be blended to make our way to the end of Past Cure

Up to now we have had some flashy and story filled trailers for Past Cure that more or less gave us the feel for the game that they aimed to do, but none of which showed off the core gameplay we would get to experience. Especially since Phantom 8 Studio has made it clear that there will be a heavy drive for Stealth and Action in the game. With February 2nd not too far off, it would be nice to see just where all of this is headed for Past Cure so we can be fully ready for it all. This, of course, means that since I am typing away like this, we now have a nice new gameplay trailer to look at that takes us deeper into it all and explains a bit more of the core gameplay.

In Past Cure, we will be able to tackle most missions in one way or the other with the extra option of blending them all together. Whatever our play style may be at the time. Obviously, there are benefits and drawbacks to each, but no matter how you go, it looks like the core abilities of the protagonist will carry on over. That being the ability to Astral Project to see where everything is in the world and also to disable electronic devices, and then the Time Manipulation ability that does just about what it sounds like. The core story of Past Cure is to figure out how we received these powers, so we might as well use them to their fullest here. Not much of a game if we do not right?

You can see all of this in action just below in the latest gameplay walkthrough for Past Cure from the developers. It does look like Stealth may be the way to go in most cases in the game as not only is ammo limited a bit, but it looks like it is a lot easier to move around and progress without the horde of enemies zeroing in on your location. Just look at the gameplay here and be the judge, but I think I am sold on trying to go through Past Cure in the stealthiest of ways possible. Unless we are forced into some of those combat scenes just to further the story and all.

Past Cure — Gameplay Trailer 1

In today’s first walkthrough Nick Mallinder, animation artist at Phantom 8, introduces the skills and abilities players will need to master the world of Past Cure. The video not only features the special skills Ian possesses as a consequence of the experiments he underwent, it also demonstrates the game’s core weapon as well as the melee and stealth skills players can choose from.

Many levels can be approached in different ways with Ian‘s abilities, allowing for full-on action or a more stealth orientated approach. Players who wish to avoid direct battle can use astral projection to scout the area and create distractions for patrolling enemies by disabling security cameras. The time manipulation skill, on the other hand, helps the player to evade enemies, execute stealth kills or pull off the perfect headshot during combat. The gunplay is supported by melee combat and stealth kills motion captured in collaboration with specialist MMA fighters.

What do you think about these two main abilities that we will have here in Past Cure and how they blend across both playstyles? Are you glad to see that Phantom 8 Studio has made it so that there is not a set of abilities just for combat and another set just for stealth? Do you think we will get more abilities in the game as we progress or will it be just deviations of these and nothing more? Let us and the world know what you are thinking down in the comments and then discuss. For more on Past Cure leading up to its launch on February 2nd, keep checking back in here. We will keep bringing you all of the updates that we can get our hands on.