Let's Relive How One Of Detroit: Become Human's Leads Came To Be


Close to six years later, the mind behind Detroit: Become Human takes a look back & gives some insight on how one of Detroit's leads came to be

There are a lot of gamers out there that are excited for Detroit: Become Human after its first unveiling, but there is also a huge portion of that crowd that has little to no knowledge of where it all started. I have personally talked to a few people who had no clue that its original starting was with a tech demo that Quantic Dream put out there to see if they could use their new animation process on the PS3. This was way back in March of 2012. All over a year before the PS4 was even set to release. It seems crazy to think about, but now that Detroit: Become Human is coming here in 2018 some time, it is time to look back yet again to see where it all started. Or at least that is what we have here for the game for those who are interested in all of that.

During Paris Games Week we had a new trailer that caused a stir for Detroit: Become Human with the third lead character Kara. During all of this David Cage from Quantic was asked about the demo that spurned it all and he goes back to it and gives us all a little more insight on it all. At least for those who are truly new to the title and all of the goings on for it. The tech demo caused the same level of a stir back when it dropped that they put out a behind the scenes video that showed us pretty much everything that you will hear here. It is just a bit more succinct here. Have a look and see how Detroit: Become Human was yet another title to come about because of a tech demo on the PS3. Also, wonder at how amazing it all looked from a time from before 4K resolution was a thing as well. Crazy to think about now…

Detroit: Become Human — Kara Demo Commentary

First came Connor, then Markus. Now finally with Quantic Dream revealing the third of its Detroit leads Kara at last month’s Paris Games Week, we thought it the best time to look back on the tech demo that sparked the android revolution. Five years after its creation, we asked David Cage to revisit the studio’s PS3 tech demo, Kara, offering his commentary to the piece, and additionally, in this exclusive piece written for PlayStation Blog, offer his insight into the evolving technology that has helped define Quantic Dream’s games.

If that was not enough on Kara for Detroit: Become Human, here we also have the original behind the scene video showing off what was spoken about before. It shows all of the actors doing what was needed to make the scene work and just how hard it could be to capture the performance that caught all of our eyes way back then. Including all of the off-screen actors who were pulling and pushing the lead around to get the perfect performance here. Just after that, you can see the original demo that dropped without any warning or explanation until the following day. I still remember the excitement I had from just the tech demo and thus the huge excitement that followed when Detroit: Become Human became a real thing and not just a flashy video from long ago.

Detroit: Become Human — Kara Behind The Scenes

Get a peek behind the scenes of the new PS3 tech demo from Quantic Dream, the creators of PS3 classic Heavy Rain.

Detroit: Become Human — Kara Origins

Do you remember all of this from well before Detroit: Become Human was even a thing or did you miss it all on the first outing of it all? Is it surprising to see how well the motion capture has progressed in such a short time here or does it look about where it should be by now? Do you think we will look back on this in five to six years and wonder at how this was the start of the next big thing? Let us all know down in the comments and then discuss. For more on Detroit: Become Human in any of its ways, be sure to keep checking back in here. We will keep it all coming at you.