Take To The Sky With New Gameplay For The New Title


We have some new gameplay for Sky to look at and see how Sky will be the same but different from the dev's other titles out there

It has been a bit since we all first heard about ThatGameCompany's upcoming title Sky or at least saw any gameplay for the iOS title. A few months at this point, but now we are back to see some new footage for the game as well as have some of the developer's commentary on just what is going on in the game. We already knew that there would be a social aspect to it all as well as the ability to fly around the world, but here we get to see just how some of that plays into the larger side of Sky at the end of the day. It also looks like Light and Darkness will play into the core of it all as well which is something we have not seen until now.

As you will see in the following video for Sky, there will be a lot of exploration, but we will also have a candle with us to start the social side of things as well as bring in-game creatures to life. It looks like we will also need to light up the world in general, as the darkness seems to be an "antagonist" in the world. Kind of like how the "Nothing" was the issue in The Neverending Story. At least that is my hot take on how it looks here in Sky. You can be the judge for yourself after watching the latest for the game down below. Maybe you will see something other than what I did, or maybe we will be on the same page. We will see.

Sky — 6 Minutes Of The Game

ThatGameCompany studio head Jenova Chen walks you through six minutes of gameplay from the developer's mobile follow-up to Journey, called Sky.

What are your thoughts on Sky now, if there are any new ones to have? Do you like the use of the candles to light up the world here or will it be something along the lines of how we communicated in Journey before? Do you think that the contextual inputs will be a great choice to do everything here or would you have rather a more traditional take on the controls? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. We will also have more for Sky as we push onward so be sure to keep checking in for all of that if the game has piqued your interests.