The Hunt Begins This Winter As Hunt: Showdown Goes Into Alpha Testing


The closed alpha test for Hunt: Showdown has been slated for this Winter and PC gamers will get a chance to help Hunt: Showdown become what we want

By now we have seen a whole lot of gameplay for Hunt: Showdown and even with it coming to Early Access on Steam for PC gamers sometime soon, there are a whole lot of us who are just ready to dive in and give the game a good play and see just how it stacks up. At least I know I am ready to do that given all of the teasings that Crytek has given us for the game and now it looks like that is going to happen here soon-ish. I say that as it looks like Hunt: Showdown is getting its very own Closed Alpha test before it goes to Steam and you too can be part of it to help the team build a better game and give us just what we are expecting from it all. Just as any good multiplayer game should do, but usually only goes to the path of alpha/beta as more of a demo for the game and not anything to actually improve it all.

Details are still sparse on what we will get for Hunt: Showdown in this Closed Alpha, but my best guess is that we will see everything that the team has shown so far. We will also get a chance to hone some of our skills before the rest of the masses out there so hopefully, it will help with the whole semi-permadeath aspect of the game. You know, because we will not have too much to lose with these hunters as I am guessing everything will get a full wipe before Hunt: Showdown lands officially out there. That at least would be the most logical thing to do for the game. Things may be different in the long run, but I truly doubt it all.

If you are interested in getting in on the Closed Alpha for Hunt: Showdown, you will need to do the standard things here. Pretty much have a PC with Steam and head over the game's website and signup for the newsletter to express interest in taking part of it all. When the time comes, they will grab a random number of those who signed up and send them Alpha codes as well as access to their forums to report everything or add suggestions. Like I said, pretty much the standard as it goes here for Alpha and Betas that are truly that and not just a warm-up or pre-order bonus. So, head on out there and get to signing up and then hopefully we will see you in Hunt: Showdown.

Hunt: Showdown — Alpha Testing

PC players will be able to play Hunt: Showdown during multiple closed alpha testing phases this winter, Crytek has revealed today. This news comes just one month after Crytek announced that Hunt — a competitive, first-person, multiplayer bounty hunting game with heavy PvE elements — will be released on Steam Early Access.

“Closed alpha will be our first chance to get player feedback, and we are really excited to see how they will interact with the game,” explained Hunt: Showdown producer Fatih Özbayram. “After initial tests with a very limited amount of players, we are planning to invite more and more testers with each phase. This is the first step in building a close relationship with our community and integrating their feedback into our development process, something we plan on continuing—and intensifying—during early access.”

To apply for a chance to join the Hunt: Showdown closed alpha tests, visit or sign up for the newsletter at for more information. Randomly selected players will be informed by email.

Are you excited to give Hunt: Showdown a play in the Alpha Test or are you going to wait until more of the bugs are worked out before diving in? Do you think we are going to get the same stuff we have seen already for the game or will there be a bit more mixed in that the team has yet to tell us about? Do you agree that there will be a full wipe before the official launch or will it all carry over in the long run given the Early Access of it all? Let us have all of those thoughts down in the comments and then discuss. For more on Hunt: Showdown in any form, keep checking in here. We will keep all of those updates coming to you and you will not want to miss out.