Let Us See Where Hunt: Showdown Is Currently At Here


The dev team for Hunt: Showdown had a lot to show off for the game recently and we now have a good look at where Hunt: Showdown is in development

You may have missed it over the weekend, but Crytek had a whole lot of Hunt: Showdown to show off to us in its current form and it was pretty damn amazing. Most of us out there have only had a chance to see the short footage out of E3 for the game and a little bit of gameplay here and there for it. The team took to streaming for a few hours here to give us all a good look and also for a good cause. This was all during the Extra Life event that took place on November 4th for those wondering as to the reason we had more Hunt: Showdown to view. Donations are still be accepted for the charities so go do that and then watch the plethora of gameplay footage we have here for the game. We will wait here.

Alright, now back to the meat and potatoes of this all. Here we go with about four hours of new footage of Hunt: Showdown with some of the team adding some commentary and explanations as to what is going on. Given that the game is still sitting in an early build, there is not much more in terms of maps or creatures that we get to face off with, but the team did go into a bit more on the semi-permadeath aspect of the game. As we mentioned before, all of your characters in Hunt: Showdown will be part of the same bloodline and things will be passed down. That is, while your character can be killed during a match, only things specific for that character like perks and level are lost and future characters can pick up the gear you have unlocked as it "passed down the line." So to speak.

The developers from Crytek go into it all in a lot more detail here, but that is the basics of it. Everything else here shows off just how Hunt: Showdown matches can play out as you and your buddy search out for clues to narrow down the location of the "boss" in the match. Or you can wait around for others to do so and swipe their bounty later on. Or you can stumble upon the beast before anyone else has had a chance to gain their bearings and be out before anyone knows what happened. It looks like these matches in Hunt: Showdown can flow in so many ways and it all comes down to how you and your crew play. Enough from me though, have a look at just what the team showed off here recently.

Hunt: Showdown — Extra Life 2017 | Session 1

The first Hunt: Showdown session of the 24H Extra Life stream on Saturday November 4.

The first session had sound issues where the sound of both the games was switched. This is fixed in the second session.

Hunt: Showdown — Extra Life 2017 | Session 2

The second Hunt: Showdown session of the 24H Extra Life stream on Saturday November 4.

Does all of this sell you more on Hunt: Showdown or are you still "iffy" on a multiplayer game that has any kind of permadeath? Does this explain how things are passed down better for you or do you still have a lot of questions even after all of this? What do you think will be your normal play style in matches here and do you think you will need to keep things fluid at all times? Let us all know what you are thinking down in the comments and then discuss. As we have done already, we will keep an eye on Hunt: Showdown for you and bring all of the new content here on the site. Keep checking back in here to see and experience all of it.