Have A Look At How DOOM VFR Is Going To Play Here Soon


We have some new gameplay for DOOM VFR for you to check out and see if this is the version of DOOM you have been waiting for

By now, it should be safe to assume that most of us have had a chance to experience the wonders of DOOM and all it had to offer. It has been just over a year since id Software gave us a new look and feel for this famed franchise and they have not stopped there. Unless you had no idea that they were working on DOOM VFR before now which will bring us the game again but playable in VR with the PS VR on the PS4 and the HTC Vive for the PC. All of which Bethesda will have out there for us on December 1st so we can see firsthand what Hell could truly feel like. Well, at least this version of it all where we have all kinds of guns and ammo to shoot the Hells out of everything there.

This all sounds nice and could be fun to experience, but I am sure you would like to see just how DOOM VFR handles before you go out and give it another purchase or just look to give all of this a solid play. That is what we have here for you and you can see some new gameplay footage of the game just below. If you have not played the core DOOM yet, there is no worry about spoilers as it is all hallways and shooting fun and none of the story bits or anything that could truly spoil a thing. Have a look and see if this is the way you want to play the game again.

DOOM VFR — 10 Minutes Of Gameplay

Raise hell in VR! Check out DOOM's fast-paced, brutal gameplay on the PSVR.

After watching this, I do have a few reservations about DOOM VFR. Many when it comes down to the movement about the maps here and nothing else at this point. I am just curious as to why we have to use a very jerky system to move or teleport around when having free movement would have worked just as well. I get having the teleportation aspect in there, but unless this gameplay was being played by someone with extreme Parkinson's disease, it looks like the "free movement" is boiled down to 15° turns and stutter steps forward and backward. Did id Software not see how well free movement could have been used in DOOM VFR to keep things flowing well? At least when looking at other games that in the same structure.

This also comes down to the same issue that many VR titles have and not just DOOM VFR; at least as it looks here in this gameplay. That being the physical movement to virtual movement always being an issue when you have a very small space for players to actually work in. I mean, I applaud Bethesda for embracing the technology but they really need to have their developers look into making the movements fit the games they are building and just use this as a gimmick more than an actual great gaming experience. Maybe there were some technical issues on the backend that have not been talked about, but it seems like DOOM VFR is going to be falling on the side of gimmick unless things like this are fixed in the VR setting.

What do you think about what we have here for DOOM VFR and the movement that we may be stuck with? Do you agree that this is an issue across the board and what do you think needs to be done to fix it? Could this just be how the player was playing the game and not actually how things will feel at the end of the day? Let us all know down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. We will be keeping an eye on DOOM VFR and all of the other VR projects that will be coming, so be sure to keep an eye here. You will not want to miss out on any of the updates we will be bringing you.