Kara Is Back For Detroit: Become Human & Every Choice Has A Consequence


Paris Games Week has another trailer for us for Detroit: Become Human and it shows us how every little choice in Detroit can have huge consequences

Another great look at Detroit: Become Human has just come out of Paris Games Week and it brings back the character that started off all of the hype for the game back when Quantic Dream was doing just a tech demo for the animation and capture processes. Maybe you remember Kara or maybe you do not, but that does not change the fact that she is back in the game and looks like she is fresh off a memory wipe in the game. At least in the scene that we get to see play out just a bit here for Detroit. Well, more one of the ways that the scene can play out in the game as this is another title that takes in your actions and changes based on all of that. Although it looks like it will do much more than just a base branching narrative we know.

The new scene we have here for Detroit: Become Human places Kara right in the middle of a horrible home scene that she may have had knowledge of before. Her memory is fresh from being repaired and we get to see just how or why that was the case from before. We also get to see a very dark scene play out that can be avoided based on our choices or end in a very horrific way. Pretty much the premise of the gameplay, but if you watch closely, any number of smaller things can change the scenario other than just the base dialog. This has been something the team has touched on in the past, but this scene alone really drives that whole concept truly home in my eyes.

Detroit: Become Human — PGW 2017 Gameplay Trailer

Since we introduced Detroit with a teaser focused on Kara, we released demos of Connor and Markus. We had to close the loop by showing a demo of Kara, which we are proud to do at Paris Games Week, the place where we revealed the game to the world for the first time.

The scene we are presenting is a very important moment in Kara’s story: we discover that Kara is owned by a human, Todd Williams, the single father of a little girl called Alice. Confronted with Todd’s violence toward his little girl, Kara feels compelled to disobey and risk her life to save Alice.

All of this could be a basic ruse though and no matter how we go about the scene the events will play out the same down to the final choices that will drive the rest of the story from there, but if memory serves from before that should not be the case. Given how the investigation portion of the demo I have personally played all unfolded, there are little things that change the bigger picture for Detroit: Become Human, but mostly in the options you get to go with. I have a feeling this whole scene will be different with the same three or four outcomes always being the way it ends, but it does look the illusion of free choice is in there. We will not know for complete certainty until Spring of 2018 when Detroit: Become Human, but so far I think this trailer shows off just the level of detail that Quantic Dream is looking to give us.

What are your thoughts on this new scene for Detroit: Become Human and just how it plays out? Do you think that we will truly get all the deviations that we see in the video here or will it still boil down to a few things that will be the big choices? Do you think there could always be an option to thwart all of this right out of the gate or will you need to go through all of the motions to save the little girl here? Let everyone know what you are thinking and then help guide the discussion down in the comments. For more on Detroit: Become Human and all of the options that will be coming, make sure to stick around here. We will have it all for your viewing pleasure to get you all amped up for the game.