Injustice 2 Is Taking Us To Hell & Back With Hellboy Now

Injustice 2

The first gameplay for Hellboy in Injustice 2 is here and it looks like he will be adding in a few things Injustice 2 may have been missing

Fighter Pack 2 is coming to a close here for Injustice 2 as the last of the three DLC characters has now been shown off and dated as to when he will join the roster. Yes, Hellboy finally has his introduction video that NetherRealm Studios has done for each character so far and it looks like we can expect him to hit the PS4 and Xbox One on November 14th. At least for those who have the season pass for Injustice 2 as everyone else who wants to purchase the character alone will need to wait until November 21st to do just that. Pretty much the standard way it has all been going so far, except now we have it all confirmed and we can see Hellboy in action.

As you will see below, Hellboy handles just as we would expect him to in Injustice 2. He looks to be very heavy handed, pun intended, and uses all of that to his advantage in dishing out all of the pain. It also looks like he will be pulling in a few special items from the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense as well as he does pull off some cool moves with the aid of the outside artifacts calling down water and other explosives. You know, doing just what Hellboy would be doing if pulled into the Injustice 2 universe without much rhyme or reason to it all. He has it all, so why not use it all and balance some things out from the Gods he will be fighting.

Injustice 2 — Introducing Hellboy!

As a member of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense, Hellboy has defended the world from fiends, witches, demons, and more than a few Lovecraftian Gods. With his trusty revolver and his “Right Hand of Doom,” Hellboy has made monster disposal his specialty.

It also looks like he will be able to block projectiles with the Right Hand of Doom here as well. It does not look like a full-on special move as other characters in Injustice 2 have, but more of a stance he has to take. Maybe this links into his character power in some way, although that looks more to give him a burning aura and not be able to get knocked back. All of which based on the above video here, and all could be much different as NetherRealm Studios dictates. We will know for sure soon and be able to experience it all first hand in just over two weeks, so let us not let the speculation fly too far. At least for now as we wait for the final two characters to show their faces.

How do you feel about Hellboy here for Injustice 2 now that you have seen him action? Do you think he looks like a well-rounded character based on it all or do you think to be able to block projectiles and move will give him a huge advantage in the fights? Whom do you hope is next to come to the game here as we have seen Atom as the first for Fighter Pack 3 so far? Let everyone know what you are thinking down in the comments and then discuss. As we get more on the DLC for Injustice 2, we will have it here for you. Check in on the site often so you can see and know all of it before it pops up on you out of nowhere…