For Honor Has Invited Us To The Feast Of The Otherworld

For Honor

The Halloween event for For Honor has kicked off and we all get to join For Honor's Feast Of The Otherworld for a short while

It looks like all of the Halloween events are kicking off now as we have the next one here and for a title that has been out for a while, For Honor. Hopefully you remember that title that Ubisoft put out at the beginning of the year here. It may have moved to the backburner of your playlist as so many other games have come to the PS4, Xbox One, and PC since then, but here is a good reminder as to why you may want to look to pick it back up. At least pick it back up for the next few weeks even though there have been so many other titles to come out since For Honor with some you may still be knee deep in as you read this. Either way, here is a reminder of some of the old games.

Starting on October 19th and lasting until November 2nd, you can play For Honor with all kinds of horror related creatures taking over your standard characters. Almost all of them are undead related, but who would not want to join the ranks of the undead as you fight off other undead out there. It does look like there could be other creatures in there too, but there is a definite feel of undead here. At least in terms of all of the character skins, we can see running around and perform the kills that we have seen many times over in For Honor already.

For Honor — Feast Of The Otherworld Halloween Event

Welcome to Feast Of The Otherworld! Skeletons are marching on the battlefield, will you be there to feast upon the undead hordes with the rest of the beasts of Halloween?

Feast Of The Otherworld is a limited-time Halloween event from 10/19 - 11/2.

To get access to the Feast Of The Otherworld, it looks like all you should need to do is have For Honor loaded up and be ready to dive into all of the mayhem that will ensue. There is word that there will be new loot to be claimed and new enemies to take on, but I have a feeling it could just be the way Ubisoft is branding all of the fun for the event and not much that will last well beyond the end date of it all. Just like many of the holiday events that take place in our games over the last many years.

What do you think about the For Honor Halloween event here and will you be joining in? Have you already hopped in and claimed the un-lives of many creatures or are you still waiting for the update to download so you can join in? What special items and loot do you think we will get that will carry over and do you think it could be access to keeping the character skins after the event ends? Let us all know your thoughts on this down in the comments. For more on For Honor as it comes, make sure to stay tuned into the site here. We will keep all of the updates flowing like bite-sized candy on Halloween.