Freddy Krueger May Start Haunting Your Dreams In Dead By Daylight

Dead By Daylight

A new tease from the devs of Dead By Daylight looks to point us all at Freddy Krueger joining the ranks of Dead By Daylight soon

Fans of Dead By Daylight, it does not look like you will need to dream any more in terms of getting another of the classics films slashers mixed into the game. At least if you are okay with taking the data-mined information about the game and mix it in with the latest teaser that Behaviour and Starbreeze has for us. When you do all of that, it looks like the things dreams and nightmares are made of will be coming to Dead By Daylight. Yes, it looks like Freddy Kruger could be coming to haunt and hunt us all with the level of glee he will bring with him.

While it is not completely confirmed as of yet, there is a new trailer for Dead By Daylight that not only uses one of the catchphrases from the Nightmare On Elm Street films, but also shows another of the icon visuals that comes with the character. That being a rusty steam pipe and four claw marks showing up before becoming the game's logo. I would say that this points us to seeing the horror icon joining in on the fun for Dead By Daylight, but there still needs to be some doubt in there as it has yet to be directly stated by the teams and he has yet to be seen.

Dead By Daylight — Don't Fall Asleep

Given that Behaviour has place other horror icons in Dead By Daylight, Leatherface and Michael Myers, it further fuels the idea that Freddy's likeness will be added into the mix as well. I have a feeling we will find out here for certain in the next few days as it would be a great addition just before the Halloween weekend, but sometimes video games just do not play that well. At least in terms of getting certified and pushed out to all of the platforms in a timely manner. Here is hoping though and time to dig back into Dead By Daylight as we wait to see if this addition pans out.

Does it make sense to you that Dead By Daylight will be seeing Freddy in the mix? Do you think this could just be an elaborate ruse to pull us in a bit closer to let us down? What other horror icons would you like to see make the jump into the game here? Answer all of those and then discuss down in the comments. For more on Dead By Daylight as we get it, make sure to stick around on the site here. We will keep the updates flowing as best that we can.