Resident Evil 7 Will Be Bringing The End Of Zoe & Other Things Soon

Resident Evil

More gameplay for Resident Evil 7's upcoming DLC has been released and it looks like there is a lot more to Resident Evil 7 going on than we knew

December 12th is coming up a lot quicker than we thought from before, but that just means that we will all be getting the Resident Evil 7 DLC and Gold Edition of the game that much faster. Of course, this may not mean much to those who have been waiting for Capcom to release this DLC or only wanted to play the core game, but for those who do not fall in those categories, we will need to take what little bits we can get for it all. Especially since it looks like the End Of Zoe DLC could also be sending us off to yet another addition to the Resident Evil franchise or maybe even some more unannounced DLC for the game in the future. I will place money on a sequel more than DLC, but we will have to have a look here.

This new footage for Resident Evil 7 does show off a bit more on the free Not A Hero side of the DLC train, as well as to whom the main antagonist could be as well as how it falls in line with the core story. It also gives us a small hook into the End Of Zoe bit along with a new character in the game here. Maybe even a new family member for the Bakers or at least someone with some connection to the titular Zoe here. Have a look and stick around for the whole trailer to get an idea on what I am talking about here. Then we will move on to what it all could mean for Resident Evil 7 or the greater scope of it all in the future. Please do enjoy.

Resident Evil 7 — TAPE-02 “Redfield”

End Of Zoe will be included in Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition or available as an update if you are a Season Pass owner. Owners of the original release will also be available to purchase the content as a separate download for $14.99/€14.99/£11.99. The Not A Hero DLC content will be available to download for free for owners of any version of Resident Evil 7 on December 12th as well.

Yes, it looks like Lucas will be messing with Chris and his crew along the way and linking into the core Resident Evil 7 story that way. Not the biggest surprise for me, but there it is for us to take in. What is interesting is that it looks like the Baker family is a bit larger than we knew or the infection had spread more than we knew in the core game as we have another fatherly figure here to save Zoe and presumably set up the events for the DLC. This is all based on the dialog used here in the trailer, but it does make a bit more sense. That and it definitely would make it easier for Capcom to use for later Resident Evil titles and keep the whole thing going on for as long as we are willing to throw cash at it all.

Also worth noting here, it does look like both of these major bits of DLC will have the PlayStation VR option as we can see in the above trailer. Not every aspect of Resident Evil 7 has had this addition, but seeing as most of it has been the story sections or parts with a lot of story, it would have been really odd to now see these bits of DLC to have it. If only it could make the leap over to the other VR platforms as well so many more can experience the horrors of Resident Evil 7 as they should be. Or at least be able to test their mettle in the mix of it all. Maybe in another massive update in the future.

Are you surprised by any of the new revelations for this Resident Evil 7 DLC or is it all just what you expected? Do you think we could see the game and its DLC get VR support outside of the PS4 or will it stay there until the next sequel? Who do you think this new character is here and how do you think it will fit into the grander scheme of it all? Let us have all of your thoughts and feelings down in the comments and then discuss. For all things Resident Evil 7 and its DLC make sure to stick around on the site here. We will keep bringing you all of the fun updates as long as you want to keep reading them.