Past Cure Has Been Given A Release Date In February Of Next Year

Past Cure

The action-stealth thriller, Past Cure, has been given a release date and yet another short look at Past Cure as we sit back and wait

Add another action-stealth thriller to the list of video games as Past Cure has finally been set with a release date and will be coming to unnerve us on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC next year. There still has not been too much seen by the public out there for the game so far, but none the rest Phantom 8 Studio will be getting their title out there to us. All in the month that we should know our thrillers to be on. Without any further waiting, it looks like Past Cure will be coming to homes on February 2nd of 2018 so start marking those calendars. This goes for all over the globe here and not just the usual suspects of regions and markets.

As I mentioned above, not much else has been revealed for Past Cure since last we heard, at least besides the release date. There is a rather wicked looking teaser trailer here for the game to give us all a little more of a feel for what is going on, but do not expect there to be much there either. It seems to be just there to show us a bit more of Past Cure while being the platform for the release date and not much more. You can go ahead and try to dissect it all and see what else can be learned at this point, but if there is more to it all, it is beyond me as it still looks a lot like we heard not so long ago. At least we have a date for the game now.

Past Cure — Release Date Announcement

Past Cure, the new action-stealth thriller coming from Berlin-based indie developer Phantom 8 Studio, is back on the screen with a short but intensive trailer for the announcement of the release date.

Phantom 8 Studio is very proud to announce that Past Cure will be released February 2nd of 2018!

Together with our partners, Phantom 8 Studio has set a release date for Past Cure. On February 2nd 2018, the game will be available around the world in the PlayStation and Xbox Store, as also on Steam. It will also be available as a disc version across retailers in Europe, the Middle East, New Zealand, Australia, Korea and North and South America. Past Cure will be available in spoken English and will have localized subtitles in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Russian, Japanese, Chinese Simplified and Traditional.

Was February your chosen date for Past Cure to come to us all or were you expecting some other time in the future to get to play it? Do you think that there could be a deeper meaning to choosing Groundhog Day for the release or is it just the best time for the team to get the game out to us? What are your thoughts on all of the localization options that we have here for the game and do you think there needs to be more? Let everyone out there know your thoughts on this and then discuss. For more on Past Cure as it comes through, make sure to stick here on the site. It will be here and you will be glad you did not miss out.