Horizon Zero Dawn Is Getting A Complete Edition This Holiday

Horizon Zero Dawn

A Complete Edition for Horizon Zero Dawn has been announced and it will bring Horizon Zero Dawn to more with the Frozen Wilds DLC included

If for some reason you have skipped out on Horizon Zero Dawn since it launched on the PS4 earlier in this year, then you will get the better version of it here this December as a "Complete Edition" of the game has just been announced. It does seem a little too soon for Guerrilla Games to announce this for me, but here it is and poised to get more of us out there to pick it all up. At least if you are in that small group of gamers out there who have yet to pick up Horizon Zero Dawn yet. Or if you just want another version to give you the Frozen Wilds DLC that is still to come to it all in December.

Yes, this version of Horizon Zero Dawn will have the DLC here and all of the fun updates that have come out since day one. Currently, there is no price point for this edition as well, but we can all rest assured that it is coming. If this new edition is piquing your interest in Horizon Zero Dawn, have a look at our review of the game that we did back during the initial launch. Then use your best judgment if this is how you want your future DLC for the game delivered to you.

Do you think we needed a Complete Edition of Horizon Zero Dawn or is it just a way to package it all together for the holiday season? Have you had a chance to give the game a play or have you been one of the few out there that have not been able to play just yet? How many more updates will be out there before this version of the game is launched or do you think this is the team winding down work on title to date? Let us know down in the comments and then discuss. For more on Horizon Zero Dawn and all things video games, keep checking in here. We will have more to come and you will not want to miss out.