The Time Has Come To Resist The Albs Who Come For The ELEX


A new faction for ELEX has been unveiled and it looks like this could be the main enemy we are all fighting in ELEX when all is said and done

ELEX is set to release on October 17th here and there is still so much we do not know about the game and its world. We do know enough to get a good feel for what Piranha Bytes has put together for us all, but there are still so many factions and enemies in the world to know just what we are poised to take on. We can mark one off that list as we are now introduced to the Albs Faction in ELEX who appear to be one of the main antagonists in the world besides the harsh landscape and creatures within. Especially since they are convinced that all weakness needs to be purged from the world of Magalan and they will use their power and evolution to do just that as they go.

As you can see in the below trailer here, the Albs are a machine-like being that has come into form from consuming too much ELEX and fractioning off from the other main faction of the Clerics. My guess is that they will be the reasons that the Clerics have a strict "No Consuming ELEX" policy driving their goals. It is supposed to be used for the machines and technology and not the body here. The Albs being the most obvious reason in my book as to why they would forgo all of the benefits the other factions can gain from the substance. Although there could be a lot more to it all. We will see in a few weeks here I guess…

ELEX — Albs Faction

Convinced that all weakness must be rid from the face of the world, The Albs of Xarcor are ruthless in pursuit of their vengeful goal. By consuming pure Elex, the Albs are able to think with clarity, growing stronger, more focused the more they consume. The price paid for their cold, menacing ambition is high; stripped of emotions, the Albs become machine-like unyielding beings. From their mountain fortress in the icy heights of Xarcor, the Albs are striving to gain full control of all of Magalan and wipe out any resistance.

Do the Albs look to be one of the main antagonists we will face in ELEX to you or will they only be part of it? Do you think that they are the reason for the other factions using the substance in the way that they do or is that just a stretch for now? Could we see other enemy factions like the Albs here but for the other two main factions we will get to choose to play in? Give us those thoughts and then discuss down in the comments. For all things ELEX, be sure to stay locked into the site here. We will keep all of the new information and trailers flowing for you and you do not want to skip a single thing.