Things Can Always Play Differently In Detroit: Become Human


A new version of the same Detroit: Become Human gameplay is out from EGX and it is showing the degree of difference that each play of Detroit: Become Human can have

By now you have most likely seen a whole lot of video for Detroit: Become Human and have seen how one of the main missions in the game will play out. It has been what Quantic Dream has been showing off at each of the major events as of late and there is good reason for it. The big reason being that each play of Detroit: Become Human will be almost completely different based on all of the minor choices and actions we choose to take in the game. This is most likely why we have yet another version of the same gameplay demo here to look at now. Even though I am sure most of us are just at the point of wanting to know when it is coming to the PS4 instead.

Anyways, this new video for Detroit: Become Human takes us through the hostage scene we have seen many times over already. The big difference being that even though we have seen it a bunch of times already, there is still more to it and also endings that some may not have seen just yet. It is a true testament to how the game is developed here and just how different each play through can truly be. Have a look at it and see for yourself. Unless you are part of the team or maybe been up on every gameplay session out there, you will most likely see some huge differences or outcomes that fire off along the way.

Detroit: Become Human — Life Or Death Decisions!

Hollie is live at EGX with Detroit: Become Human gameplay, showing us how your decisions can make the difference between life and death by playing through the same scene in two different ways.

How different was all of this for you based on previous footage for Detroit: Become Human we have out there? Did you see a few things you would have done differently or do you think that this will be the way Quantic Dream wants the scene to play out? What do you think would happen when or if the whole situation is brought under control? Let us have all of those thoughts down in the comments and then feel free to discuss. For more on Detroit: Become Human, make sure to stick around here on the site. We will have it all as it comes and you will not want to miss a single thing here.