The Evil Within 2 Gets A Whole Lot Of Gameplay To Dissect

The Evil Within 2

Previews of The Evil Within 2 are out there and they show off quite a bit of The Evil Within 2 in terms of bosses and puzzles to expect

More of The Evil Within 2 is here to be shown off as many of the larger outlets out there have been given yet another sample of the game just a few weeks before launch. Hells, they could already have the game in hand as Bethesda is launching it all on October 13th so it would make sense that Tango Gameworks is done and now the media train is rolling. No matter the case, all of these previews for The Evil Within 2 are there and also bringing us a whole lot of new gameplay to look at and break down. In some cases it is 20-ish minutes of gameplay and in this case it is almost 40 minutes of in-your-face horror for the game. All so we can see how the action to horror will be balanced and how puzzles will be handled.

What we have here looks to be a large section from the fifth chapter of The Evil Within 2. It looks like we get to start the whole thing off with a nice little boss fight to show how horrible the Giggling beast we saw before can and will be. Given how it is taken down, I would almost venture that this is more of a mini-boss style fight with a follow up later on as a core boss fight. Either way it does show how we are going to need to be on the lookout throughout the world to see how we can use it to help with these large enemies. Although, I would still like to see how a well-placed shot to the weak spot that brings it down would not be all that was needed from the start. "Gameplay" I guess.

From there, there is a lot more walking around and dealing with some of the horror aspects of The Evil Within 2 as it looks like there is nothing more than some scares and the like mixed in with no true threat seen along the way. The fear that something is there to get you is always present yet again and it looks like it will be another driving force. At least in this chapter of The Evil Within 2, but I am sure that Tango Gameworks will have a lot more of it unless they went the whole option of making it an action-horror game and not what we expect from before. That being a solid balance between the two ideas and not forcing one specifically.

It all comes to a culmination where Sebastian gets to confront one of the named villains of The Evil Within 2 and thus another boss fight. A true boss fight that uses an interesting set up to keep the action flowing as well as keep you on guard. You can see for yourself below, but there is a timer involved and it requires us to just survive the fight until it runs out. The twist, the boss has the ability to stop the timer and thus requires us to attack back and not just run and hide. It looks like a fun way to handle the whole fight to me and I cannot wait to give it a try when The Evil Within 2 finally comes home. I also hope that there are many more fights like this in the rest of the game.

The Evil Within 2 — 40 Minutes Of Boss Fights And Puzzle Solving

We got the chance to play through a considerable chapter of The Evil Within 2 that was mostly focused on action and had a few puzzles. A few bosses make an appearance as well.

What are your thoughts on the boss fights that we had to see here for The Evil Within 2? Do you think that they are more or less mini-boss fights that will lead into other encounters or are they all "one and done" kind of events? Do you think that we will have the same level of terror walking around and search as we did before or has the team taken a new route in this sequel? Give us all those lovely thoughts down in the comments and then discuss. For more on The Evil Within 2, make sure to keep yourself here. We will have it all and we want to make sure you are fully prepared to dive into the game in short order.